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Interview with the CEO

Celebrating Chen Hsong’s 60th Year Anniversary.

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Interview with the CEO

Celebrating Chen Hsong’s 60th Year Anniversary

As we officially move into 2018, many in the industry are eager to know two things:

  1. What does Chen Hsong think about its 60th year anniversary?
  2. What are Chen Hsong’s plans for the next 60 years?

To seek the ultimate answers, we go to none other than the CEO of Chen Hsong, Ms. Lai Yuan Chiang, who was kind enough to detract from her busy schedule to answer a few of our questions.

Q: 2018 is the 60th year anniversary for Chen Hsong. What kind of events are planned to celebrate this remarkable milestone?

For 60 years Chen Hsong has been at the forefront of the injection moulding industry, and we are going to keep being at the forefront for the next 60. In 2018, we are planning a series of events to mark this precious occasion, which will be rolling out gradually throughout the year, and these will include more customer occasions, technical seminars, open houses, and various other activities.

Furthermore, we’ll be launching a brand-new image for an ever-young, ever-more-dynamic Chen Hsong to coincide with the start of our next 60 years!

Whisper: Actually, the roll-out already started – an open-house event at our Chende facility in November 2017. Those interested can read more at: <<link>>.

Q: Chen Hsong has a very strong reputation. Many in the industry considers it to be the ultimate training school, nurturing many prominent figures in the industry before their ascent, many of them now competitors of Chen Hsong. How does Chen Hsong view itself within this historical context?

Chen Hsong was founded based on a belief – that we work towards the greater good of the industry; so in other words, anything that benefits the industry, benefits Chen Hsong. During 1990, before Chen Hsong listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, founder Dr. Chiang Chen donated all his shares to a charity – the Chiang Chen Industrial Charity Foundation – which remains the largest shareholder of Chen Hsong today. This type of philanthropic giving was unheard-of at the time among industrialists in Hong Kong. For his pioneering charity work, Dr. Chiang eventually was to receive the highest honor in Hong Kong – the Grand Bauhinia Medal.

Because of our beliefs, Chen Hsong never shy away from competition, or even the active training of potential future competition. We strongly believe that healthy competition brings out the best in companies, and is the driving force behind many innovations. As long as such competition is conducted with integrity, fairness, and respect for each other, we will continue to nurture and develop talents for the industry, even though we are proud to know that many of our strongest competitors come from our ex-employee ranks. Whatever benefits the industry, benefits all – this is how Chen Hsong would like to be remembered in history books.

Q: Since its inception in 1958, Chen Hsong has undoubtedly witnessed a lot. What have been some of the largest obstacles you ever encountered? And how did you overcome them?

You’re right. We’ve been through a lot, starting from the Global Oil Crisis in the 1970’s to worldwide financial crises every decade to the latest Great Recession in 2008. We’ve seen all, and we’ve endured through all.

These events taught us not to be complacent, since the world is unpredictable. We cannot control our environment, nor what will occur in the world tomorrow; the only venue is to be adaptable. Whatever happened or may happen, we stuck to our core vision – we never stopped developing our technologies, never stopped enhancing ourselves, never stopped perfecting our quality. In other words, we overcome all obstacles through our perseverance, strength, and willingness to adapt.

Those interested in more can read our vision statement and corporate values at

Q: How did Chen Hsong do in 2017?

Our reported results for the first half-year was a growth in turnover of 22% over 2016. We believe we’ll continue doing well in the future, mainly because of our new products and technologies. They truly took the market by surprise – many customers were pleasantly shocked by the quality, design and performance of the new two-platen machines and the new MK6 series; our repeat-order ratio for these two product lines exceed 90%!

Q: What is Chen Hsong’s target for 2018 and plans for the near-term future?

World economy looks to be relatively robust coming into 2018, and we believe that the market will reward those who serves with sincerity. On the technology side, we will be putting our focus on high-precision and high-reliability technologies, which we believe bring the greatest, immediate benefits to our industry. We seek to grow with our customers.

Other factors may also have impacts this coming year, for example the recent policy push towards tighter and stricter environmental protection in China. Although such policies inevitably hamper the activities of some companies in the industry (many of them our customers), we firmly believe that more environmental awareness and commitment is for the long-term good, despite short-term upsets. That’s why Chen Hsong eagerly supports these environmental policies and will follow through on all our actions, our R&D, as well as our products.

For the near future, we invest in developing high-level technologies – we consider this Chen Hsong’s core competence. In particular, AI-based techniques are approaching tractability and have the potential to become disruptive at the fundamental level. Chen Hsong is investing heavily on more “smartness” in our entire supply chain, as well as providing quicker, more personalized services to our customers through adapting AI technologies.

Q: How does Chen Hsong view the competitive landscape of the industry for injection moulding machines?

Customers know best!

We believe that customers worldwide want the same things: performance, affordability, reliability and quality service. We believe they’ll choose Chen Hsong injection moulding machines once they realize the difference. Our products speak for themselves.

More competition is entering our space as ever before, but we do not concern about competition. Instead, we concern our own competitiveness, which is expressed through perfect quality, innovative technologies and personalized service. For this, we need to make sure that everybody in Chen Hsong reads off from the same game book, and focus whole-heartedly on our vision and core values.

Q: What is Chen Hsong’s roadmap for technological advancement? Especially with regards to recent “hit” technologies such as all-electric and two-platen machines?

For the short-to-medium term, our R&D roadmap consists of three coherent directions – enhanced efficiency, high precision, and better reliability. We believe that these directions generate the greatest value to our customers.

For example, we dare say that Chen Hsong two-platen machines are the best made in Asia (not just China), outside of Japan of course. It is not uncommon for a SUPERMASTER TP to be performing feats that were previously undreamt of in a China-made machine. The secret ingredient is the Japanese-based Precision Hydraulics™ technology and patented mechanical designs that ensure smoothest motions which are quick, accurate and balanced. The hydraulic system has minimal shocks and vibrations, which not only gives a smooth ride but also guarantees perfect alignment and the least wear-and-tear on mechanical parts. We call these two-platen machines Non-Stop™ because… they just don’t stop (outside of scheduled maintenance).

All-electric machines have recently been generating a disproportionate amount of attention in the industry, and many are blinded by the rhetoric. In fact, Chen Hsong launched its first all-electric injection moulding machine product line way back in 2000, and we are definitely no stranger to the technology. This is why we believe that it has been hyped beyond reasonable proportions – there are certainly parts that fit well with an all-electric machine, but for 99% of applications, a high precision hydraulic machine delivers the same performance and quality at a fraction of the cost. Even advanced markets (such as Germany, USA) are predominantly hydraulic, with all-electric only a small portion of the market. We believe in giving customers what they need, not what is hyped; we believe that all-electric technology is here to stay, but our R&D will focus on what brings true value to the majority of the market: high efficiency, high precision and high stability.

In fact, much of Chen Hsong’s technological R&D took cue from advanced Japanese technology. The Japanese believes in the relentless pursuit of perfection (ZD – Zero Defects), continuous improvements (Kaizen), and methodological trouble-shooting down to the root. Through our strategic cooperation with Mitsubishi, we learnt much from this philosophy, and we truly believe that Zero Defects is ultimately a strong win-win for both our customers and us.

Q: What is Chen Hsong doing in Industrie 4.0?

Chen Hsong has a very clear and strong roadmap towards Industrie 4.0.

At its root is IOT (Internet of Things) and Big Data. This is where machines are connected into a communications network (via the iChen® System) for seamless data collection and exchange. Data (usually stored in the cloud) is the foundation of intelligence, and without data there can be no talk of “smartness”.

When data gets big (a.k.a. Big Data), it becomes impractical to analyze and sort through manually. This is where AI (artificial intelligence) comes in for the rescue – making sense of the massive volume of data stored on cloud databases.

Finally, valuable findings inside a computer have to be communicated with people for action, and to restart the cycle once again. This is where communications technologies shine – bridging machines and humans so all these will have practical value.

Chen Hsong invests heavily into these three areas: IOT/Big Data, AI, Communications. We believe these bring the most value to our customers. Active work is being done in the areas of machine auto-tuning, patterns and trends recognition, predictive maintenance, and social network integration.

Those who are interested in Chen Hsong’s Industrie 4.0 roadmap can read more at:

Q: Will Chen Hsong embrace different modes of business (for example leasing)?

As said, Chen Hsong prides itself as being adaptable. For example, we started leasing machines in China several years ago, way before any other company in the industry to do so.

Each customer is unique and has their own needs. We serve them by catering close to their personalized needs, in products, services, or financing. This is in accordance to our founder’s motto: Give customers what they need.

Q: What is Chen Hsong’s stance on industry standardization?

Chen Hsong whole-heartedly supports industry standardization, provided that such standards are developed with the customers’ needs in mind.

Standardization means more choices to the customer. It means easier integration, more possibilities and more ways to combine equipment that yields additional value.

Chen Hsong is committed to work with all industry association bodies in standardization efforts and all other aspects which benefit the industry as a whole. In particular, we are deeply interested in any standardization efforts towards safety, environmental protection, and data connectivity.

Q: Please share with us the Chen Hsong culture.

Our vision statement says it all:

We keep to the forefront of the plastic injection moulding industry, and create the greatest value for our global customers, through perfect quality, advanced technologies and relentless pursuit of innovation.

To achieve that, we rely on our corporate values:

  • Quality
  • Technology
  • Customers
  • Value
  • Talents
  • Excellence
  • Honest but Aggressive
  • Responsibility
  • Mutual benefits
  • Win-win
  • Unity and Team-work
  • Growth

Reference link:

Q: Any suggestions and recommendations for the industry as a whole?

Just a few. Firstly, environmental protection cannot be over-stressed; it should be the goal of everyone in the industry to further environmental concerns. This follows through to reducing wastage and saving energy, which is part of the big environmental picture.

Secondly, intellectual property should be protected, lack of which can stifle much-needed innovations.

Finally, stay humble. Stay hungry. Stay eager to learn. Stay positive.

Q: Any closing remarks?

We thank all our partners for being with us through 60 long years.  We thank you for your support.  We thank every one of you who gave valuable suggestions that enabled us to improve, and we’ll repay you simply by becoming better.

Chen Hsong will continue to provide a broad range of technologies, and grow with our customers. We and our cooperating partners, we grow together.

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global

In 60 years — Our Dreams became the Future Sat, 16 Dec 2017 03:29:11 +0000

In 60 years — Our Dreams became the Future

2018 celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the Chen Hsong Group!

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global


In 60 years — Our Dreams became the Future

Chen Hsong Group is going to celebrate our 60th Anniversary in 2018

In 2018, Chen Hsong Group is about to welcome our 60th anniversary. In order to thank all our clients and partners for their loyal support throughout the years, we are going to have a grand “Chen Hsong’s Glorious 60th Anniversary” celebration, which will be held separately at several production sites. On 30th November, 2017, Chen Hsong Group had our first “Open Day Celebration Ceremony” in our subsidiary “Chende Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.” Clients from East, Central and North China were invited. After careful preparations, our event was a success with our clients showing much appreciation!

Knowing Fengcheng’s charm — Enjoy the quietness

Shunde, often being praised as a place filled with outstanding people, is also known as Fengcheng – the city of phoenix. It is not only one of the “Four Little Tigers in Guangdong,” but is also considered as the “world’s capital of food.”

In order to let our guests to have a taste of Fengcheng, we began our journey with paying a visit to the “Qinghui Garden.” This ancient garden with spectacular architecture was built during the Ming Dynasty. After a long period of time, this classical beauty has the magic of widening people’s horizon and the beauty of it would linger on their mind ever since.

After our “Qinghui Garden” tour, we have then visited the Shunde Museum; to be fascinated by the city’s long development history. Human’s desire for progress, meaning a promotion on social development. It’s not unlike our team’s perseverance in our strong belief that has led to prosperous development. The development history of Chen Hsong’s glorious 60 years also is the history of our every honorable struggle of pride that is worthy of receiving assurances from the rest of the world!

Injection Molding Technology Seminar — Experiences every Heartbeat

The injection molding technology seminars in the afternoon has brought the first climax of our open day! Chen Hsong has invited Mr. Mizuno Mizuho, ​​Director of UBE Mitsubishi Corporation, to give technical seminar on the topic “Lightweight Development Trends of Vehicles.” He shared his experiences on technical requirements of more lightweight and rigid auto parts, driven by the development trend of new energy vehicles. He also pointed out the opportunities and challenges brought by the latest injection molding technology development. The continuous maturation of new injection molding technologies, such as long glass fiber and foaming molding, has brought new research topics to the traditional injection molding industry, as well as the thinking on how to adapt to the new market demand under traditional production mode. In addition, Chen Hsong Group’s Sales Director and R & D Manager also shared with guests the technical advantages of Chen Hsong Group’s top selling models. They uncovered the cost-effective secret from a purely technical point of view, on why Chen Hsong’s injection molding machines being a winner in market competition.

Chende’s workshop is to strive for perfection in production — Share our secret

Factories are always the top secret of manufacturers’ “Holy Land.” Chen Hsong, however, would never hesitate to share with clients our stories behind the scene. Thus we have invited our guests to visit Chende’s Fengxiang factory. From large machining centers, fuel tanks/oil production lines, automated three-dimensional warehouse, assembly lines, small and medium sized machine assembly plant; we have shown everyone the flow of parts from the logistics processing to the entire assembly process. Excellent quality comes from the perfect control of each and every process, Chen Hsong sincerely shows the world our secrets behind achieving high-quality products: we never ignore any single detail, we never give up on any one of our pursuit and hence, we can have excellent results!

Advanced injection molding machine and excellent showcase program — A performance of strength

The strength of an enterprise depends highly on the expressiveness of its core product! The top selling products of our two major production bases in Shunde and Shenzhen in Chen Hsong Group were unveiled this time. They are the MK6 series, new high-speed machine, new two-plate machine, efficient embryo machine, and the classic small and medium sized three injection molding machine. Their actual use of program on food, packaging, household appliances, auto parts, electrical and electronic industries such as the practical application of the program were all displayed. Chen Hsong’s iChen System® has shown the real “Industry 4.0;” a solution derived from a fully automatic production concept.

Facing market’s rapidly changing demand, it requires both high quality equipment and incomparable flexibility to meet different clients’ needs. Chen Hsong Group’s injection molding machine, with standard design, special features, supporting peripherals, can maximize the expectations of our clients. In particular, the new Chen Hsong’s new two-board machine and our MK6 series injection molding machines are being widely used in medical, automotive, consumer goods, cosmetic and other industries. With their high-end performances, we continue to expand our brand leadership in the market.

Chen Hsong’s Glorious 60th Anniversary Dinner – A warm and cozy gathering

As the night fell, Chen Hsong Group prepared a thank-you dinner at the Shunde New World Hotel. The dinner had entertained a total of 28 tables of guests. We have invited prestigious host as our master of ceremonies. Chen Hsong Group’s top leaders, technical consultants and strategic decision-makers were all presented. Ms. Chiang Lai Yuen, Chief Executive Officer of the Group, Mr. Chiang Chi Kin, President of Group Production and General Manager of Chende, Mr. Sato Minami, Group Technical Consultant and former President of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, all addressed in separate speeches. Ms. Chiang together with Mr. Chiang, have shared the remarkable achievements made by Chen Hsong Group with the continuous efforts from all our team members. And on behalf of the Group, they thanked all our clients and partners who have given Chen Hsong strong support and great trust all along.Ms. Chiang has made a solemn commitment: “We will continue to provide our global clients with three quality services: high-quality pre-market service, quality products, and excellent after-sales service.” Mr. Sato, our technical consultant, has affirmed Chen Hsong’s achievement in the development of positive progress- we are now having more scientific management system, improved quality, and we have long-term positive cooperative relationship with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (now renamed as Ube-Mitsubishi), have achieved a win-win result. After the speech, the banquet began happily with Foshan Art Troupe’s “bloom.” Our guests then enjoyed the food with wonderful performances. The climax of the dinner was a sand painting show; through sand painting, the performer’s reviewed every honorable moment, and all achievement of Chen Hsong in 60 years’ development. Also, each and every storm and test we have encountered. All members from the Chen Hsong’s family were deeply moved by the scenes with joy and tears. All our partners who have grown with us and experienced the memorable past had strong resonance. This is the power of dreams. An experience to draw people bearing the same goal much closer, we are one big family who is willing to work together in fulfilling our dreams!

In 60 years, Our Dreams became the Future

Now that the celebration is over, but our dream keeps growing! Chen Hsong Group is moving forward with the same dream! The dream of “an industrial rich country” has given new meaning to the changing times due to the development in science and technology. The development of China’s manufacturing industry has entered a new journey in a new era. “Made in China 2025” is a new inevitable development responsibility for every enterprise.

The dream of the world is the dream of Chen Hsong! Because of dreams, we dare to fight hard, and we are staying! As we see the future with our perseverance; our dreams will soon become the “future!”

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global

Intelligent Manufacturing Brings the Future Closer to the Touch Thu, 26 Oct 2017 04:34:39 +0000

Intelligent Manufacturing Brings the Future Closer to the Touch

Industrie 4.0? Yes, We Can Do That!

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global


Intelligent Manufacturing Brings the Future Closer to the Touch

Chen Hsong for Industrie 4.0

The 3rd Guangdong International “Internet+” Expo was held during 12-15th October, 2017, at the Foshan Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition, co-organized by the South China Smart Robotics Research Institute, Fenix (China) Investment Co. and the Chen Hsong Group, was a remarkable showcase of high-tech products as well as advanced IT and industrial technologies. In particular, Chen Hsong debuted an advanced “Industrie 4.0” production line which rapidly became the star of the show. Among the many distinguished guests that graced the event with their presence were: Xie Shaofeng – Director of the Ministry of Industry and Information, Technology and Software Services Division; Yuan Baocheng – Vice Governor of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province; Lu Yi – Party Committee Secretary of Foshan Municipality, the Communist Party of China; and Zhu Wei – Mayor of the People’s Government of Foshan City. These guests were all treated an eye-opening demonstrations of advanced “Industrie 4.0” processes.

The star of the show was a pilot fully-automated production line for recordable USB flash drive sticks, constructed by a Sino-German team, with full “Industrie 4.0” processes. For instance, intelligent production controls enabled fully-automated job scheduling, which means that it took a mere three minutes to produce one individually-customized USB flash drive for a particular individual customer, with custom signatures and specific requirements. This pilot line signaled the birth of true intelligent, mass-customized manufacturing – a significant milestone achievement for China industry! It is especially so because the line is a real production line making real products, not a laboratory concept-proof.

The pilot production line is arranged into a U-shaped layout with modularized manufacturing cells that can respond rapidly to individual requests. Through intelligent controls technology, customer orders placed with different product configurations, colors and signatures are placed in the production queue for job scheduling. 3D modelling technology translates each individual customer order into specific commands for each manufacturing cell to re-configure itself according to the requirements of the job. Advanced management systems automatically schedule other necessities such as raw materials and machining time-slots. After all components have been manufactured to order, robotics took care of the final assembly, testing, and quality inspection steps. An AGV then took the finished product to an auto-printer which acted on instructions from the central control system to print the customer’s personalized signature onto the product. A final robot then packaged the product and submitted it for delivery. The entire production process required no manual labor.

A fully-automated, fully-intelligent and mass-configurable production line of this level is a true marvel. As its heart is a high-precision MJ (Minijet) series injection moulding machine made by Chen Hsong, which took care of the critical production and assembly of the final enclosure of the finished product. The Minijet machine was equipped with a German-made Cbmold® advanced controller, which came with industry-standard connectivity as well as advanced management features such as fingerprint authentication and energy management. Real-time data is communicated to and from the central system via an industry-standard OPC UA connection. As a result, the entire production process for customized USB flash drives – from the injection molding, robot pick-up and assembly, to visual inspections and finally via AGV to the next cell was perfectly orchestrated.

Now this is REAL “Industrie 4.0!” The entire pilot line rooted on a Chen Hsong injection moulding machine as its core, with all auxiliary processes converging into the center, coupled with support technologies such as a cloud platform, automated logistics, robotic assembly, auto-printing, automated detection, automated packaging and labeling. What was displayed was a perfect application of advanced technology in an industrial environment, with small-batch-size highly-customized manufacturing, virtual reality and augmented reality, fine-grained energy management and digital manufacturing. It represented China’s foray into the realm of world-class intelligent manufacturing, and it signaled the transformation of “Industry 4.0” from a mere conceptual jargon to actual, practical commercialization.

Intelligent production lines rely on perfect communication between its many cooperating parts. This requires a level of stability in all equipment that surpasses previous requirements. The “life-blood” of “Industrie 4.0” is data, and information, without which there is no intelligence. In this aspect, the Chen Hsong injection moulding machine showed its true colors by performing perfectly as the heart of the production line while simultaneously orchestrating, and cooperating with, the multiple sub-systems that form a coherent whole. Needless to say, that can only be the result of relentless investments by Chen Hsong into intelligent networking technologies over a period of more than a decade. All the years of investments are now bearing fruit, as “Industrie 4.0” graduates from incubation into actual commercialization, ready to change China manufacturing, and perhaps the world!

But it also showed one more thing – that Chen Hsong cares.

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global

An Evergreen in The Toys Industry – The Secrets of Wah Lung Toys Wed, 06 Sep 2017 04:39:15 +0000

An Evergreen in The Toys Industry – The Secrets of Wah Lung Toys

How Chen Hsong machines let Wah Lung be evergreen.

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global


An Evergreen in The Toys Industry – The Secrets of Wah Lung Toys

Wah Lung Toys Co. Ltd. (“Wah Lung”) is a large Hong Kong-based professional manufacturer of educational toys for infants to young children (i.e. from birth – 18 months old), established since 1983. The company has since maintained a enviable steady growth throughout the years, with products primarily exporting to the USA, Canada and Europe. Currently, Wah Lung operates large toy factories in Pinghu, Shenzhen and Ganzhou, Jiangxi, employing over 9,000.

Focus on High-End Toys for Infants and Young Children

T.C. Cheung, Chairman of Wah Lung Toys

T.C. Cheung, Chairman of Wah Lung Toys

T. C. Cheung, Chairman of Wah Lung Toys Co., is entrenched in the toy industry for over 40 years. For the dramatic ups and downs of toys made in China, it can be said that he not only witnessed it all, but was neck deep in the multiple cycles of changes of fortune. “We used to be like many of our peers, mainly being OEM’s in electronic toys for worldwide brands. With the advent of smart-phones, we realized the inevitable – that the days of most electronic toys were numbered. Henceforth, we adjusted our product strategy just in time, and decided to focus on educational toys for infants and young children under 18 months old,” said T. C. Cheung.

History has proven Wah Lung’s strategy adjustment correct. From 2005 onwards, the smart-phone would become widely popular, and mobile games started replacing most electronic toys. As living standards improved in China, new gen-70 and gen-80 parents started paying much more attention on their children’s early intellectual developments. Wah Lung turned out to be right: educational toys for the early stages of child development remained the only segment of the toy industry relatively immune to the onslaught from mobile games.

Toys produced by Wah Lung

Thus Wah Lung seized the opportunity to grow to new heights year after year, shrugging off even oil scares and financial crises. Since 2015 its sales in domestic China – a stronghold of smart-phones and mobile games – also started to register steady annual growth of 30%. Within just two years, Wah Lung’s domestic sales in China accumulated over 10 million US Dollars.

Partnership with Chen Hsong for Innovative Injection Moulding of Toys

Wah Lung as a traditional manufacturer of high-end toys is no stranger to advanced manufacturing technologies. They have vast in-house expertise in injection molding, various pre- and post-processing stages (sewing, painting etc.) and safety testing. Wah Lung mainly employs Chen Hsong injection molding machine for all their injection molding needs. “When we first started up in 1983, we had only six Chen Hsong injection moulding machines. Today, among our three factories in Shenzhen and Jiangxi, we operate more than 200 Chen Hsong JETMASTER injection molding machines in a wide range of different models including the MKIII, MKIV, and latest MK6,” said M.O. Pang, Executive Director of Wah Lung.

M.O. Pang, Executive Director

M.O. Pang, Executive Director

M.O. Pang further explained, “Chen Hsong injection molding machines are well suited to the needs of toy manufacturing, and they provide personal technical support services. For example, during recent years, the entire industry is gearing towards energy-saving and reduction in emissions. In this respect, new Chen Hsong injection molding machines achieved vast energy savings through the use of servomotors. A 400-ton machine, for instance, consumed roughly 16-20kW of electricity per hour; it now consumes only 8-10 kW. Our annual savings on the electricity bill racks up to millions of RMB each year. This cost savings is vitally important for toy manufacturers as profit margins are typically slim for our industry.”

Another example would be Chen Hsong new JETMASATER MK6 series which employs intelligent algorithms for precision control of injection pressure and barrel temperature. “When we inject PVC, the temperature needs to stay within 160-175°C; once out of this range, the material would become fragile and the products produced would be rejects. Chen Hsong’s MK6 series machines use real-time computer monitoring on the barrel temperature, which makes it very very stable. If the temperature fluctuates by 1 to 2 degrees, it will sound alarm and gracefully shut down, stage by stage, in order to reduce our material losses under such circumstances,” M.O. Pang added.

JETMASTER MK6's at Wah Lung's Shenzhen plant

JETMASTER MK6’s at Wah Lung’s Shenzhen plant

No Compromise on Safety

For toy manufacturers like Wah Lung, meeting “safety” standards is of paramount importance. Products that fail safety tests for export countries bear the risk of being returned, or worse, recalled. Safety testing is built into all of Wah Lung’s manufacturing processes from product design, parts production, assembly, packaging, and transportation.

“We helped set up the National Toy Safety Testing Center, which operatos 24 hours a day non-stop performing inspections to ensure product safety of raw materials, hardware accessories, coatings, fabrics, and the final products. We partner with Chen Hsong to ensure maximum compliance to safety standards for injection molded parts, and much care was put on ensuring our machines operate the clamping and ejecting properly for stable product quality,” M.O. Pang said.

Automation + Lean Manufacturing for Optimal Utilization of Resources

Rising salaries and rental costs in recent years forced many manufacturing companies to invest in automation systems to a bid to reduce labor costs. However, a toy can be considered to be a complex integration – involving plastic injection-molded parts, advanced electronics, fabrics, metal-works, and mechanical moving parts. “It is very difficult for us to achieve total automation. Manual workers are still the main-stay in fabric processing and sewing, for instance. For injection moulding, we are highly automated,” T. C. Cheung explained.

Wah Lung and Chen Hsong co-developed an automatic sprue-removal system where excess materials was re-ground and recycled for use automatically. This significantly reduced materials wastage. Wah Lung also installed Chen Hsong’s iChen System® which connects all their injection moulding machines into a vast network in order to collect data and monitor production status in real-time. The system saves time by minimizing blockages and unnecessary waiting. Finally, take-out robots replaced manual picking.

Automatic sprue-removal system

According to M.O. Pang, lean manufacturing is a more applicable model for the toys industry. “Lean manufacturing emphasizes the optimization of production processes, thereby saving rent, labor and other costs through reducing steps in the process, which also helps eliminate errors and mistakes,” M.O. Pang explained.

Wah Lung’s clients list includes many world-famous toy brands. M.O. Pang stressed that, “We are not only an OEM; we provide full services from design, production, testing, packaging, logistics and transportation to turn customers’ ideas into reality. I firmly believe that there is still lots of room for development in infant and young children’s educational toys, but in enterprises need to be more flexible to deal with the problem of rising production, material and logistics costs.”

After this visit to Wah Lung Toys, I deeply feel a very down-to-earth spirit in these industry pioneers. They stay close to their market, are willing to embrace innovation, work with strategic vision, and execute with efficient resources deployment. They do not embrace blind-expansion, do not pursue financial trickery, but stick to their principle of “Four-in-One” principle, Product, Market, Technology, Services. This, I believe, is the secret behind Wah Lung’s sustainable growth despite a cut-throat competitive industry.

Source: Translated from the Chinese article first appearing on CPRJ Magazine

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global

A Modern Day Fairy Tale of Seamless Cooperation Wed, 30 Aug 2017 04:38:27 +0000

A Modern Day Fairy Tale of Seamless Cooperation

Pollino Plast (Serbia) and their Chen Hsong machines.

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global


A Modern Day Fairy Tale of Seamless Cooperation


At 2011, South East Europe Package (SEEP) became a distributor of Chen Hsong for Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Montenegro in Europe.

During the same year, company Pollino Plast doo from Simanovci, Serbia contacted SEEP for their new business venture — production of huge crates for produce (in this case, apples)!

The engineering teams of SEEP and Chen Hsong worked together to provide a machine perfect for this application: the SM4500-TP two-platen!

It was a huge project at that time and so it remains until today. The SM4500-TP is still the largest Chen Hsong injection molding machine in Europe, and is currently the third largest Chen Hsong machine worldwide.


More interesting figures worth noticing:

  • The machine weighted in at a whopping 270 TONS (including 35 tons for the mold)! It asked for carefull and special planing to transport, install and commission.The machine was delivered in 2012 in 13 containers, of which many were special containers with weight of 60-70 tons.
  • 4 WEEKS of hard work to install and commission the machine.
  • Full production capacity was attained very quickly afterwards. Since then, Pollino Plast doo has produced more than 300.000 large HDPE crates and sold them all across Europe.
  • 5 YEARS of excellent, stabile and reliable production so far… no doubt many more years to come.

It has been more than 4 years since we had the SM4500-TP and our experience has been extremely positive. The machine is reliable, very quiet and, though not a small capital investment, maintenance cost has been indeed low, as well as very low energy consumption! Cycles are short and stable, and our rejects have been reduced to minimum. All in all, it is GREAT. Good local service support also means a lot to us, so we have decided to buy more Chen Hsong machines. Keep up with the good work!

Branimir Ibrahimpasic, CEO, Pollino Plast

CEO of Pollino Plast

As promised, at the beginning of 2016, Pollino Plast asked for new machines for their (again) new projects! This time, they required fast-cycle machines to produce light and disposable containers for fruit!

SEEP and Chen Hsong Europe recommended the JM1200-SVP/2 and JM650-SVP/2 toggle machines for their excellent energy-saving efficiency, with parallel dosing and extra accumulators for a faster cycle time. These are world-class machines whose cycle times are reduced to a minimum and superb final product quality! From beginning of that summer, Pollino Plast started supplying their markets with high-quality raspberry crates.

Pollino Plast and Chen Hsong is another good example which can be described with one simple word, SUCCSESS!

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global

Go! King of the Hill! Tue, 23 May 2017 06:02:46 +0000

Go! King of the Hill!

Chen Hsong's Superb Results at ChinaPlas 2017

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global


Go! King of the Hill!

Proudly Presenting Chen Hsong’s Superb Results at ChinaPlas 2017

Chinaplas 2017, which lasted 4 days, just had its perfect closing last Friday! Needless to say, as your Editor, I hereby bring you first-hand news of Chen Hsong’s bright results during this fabulous fair. We scored beautifully, definitely top of the class!

Since earlier on, we have already been stressing this: Chen Hsong injection molding machines are not just about superior performance and quality. These other advantages are significant as well:

  • Employing practical innovations (i.e. brand-new ways of doing regular tasks) to help you de-bottleneck and raise productivity;
  • Full data connectivity, storage and retrieval options via the unique iChen® System gives you true “management-by-data” — you are literally one touch away from complete knowledge of your production line;
  • Brand-new product lines with brand-new application technologies for many industries (e.g. automotive, packaging, high-end electronics etc.) allow you to become F-S-P:  “Fast, Stable and Precise” — “SAY NO” to mediocracy!

That’s why all machines on display during the fair were sold out before the end of the show — no accident, but exactly as expected!

Hard Work Bearing Fruit

When Chen Hsong injection molding machines showed their true colors, they became one of the most talked-about highlights of this ChinaPlas. As a result, not only were all displayed machines sold-out, visitors bought 500 more during the four days of the fair. This kind of results really sets Chen Hsong apart from its peers:

  • The MK6 and SPEED series of high-speed machines naturally became the hottest sellers;
  • The ever-popular classic, EM-SVP/3+, and the brand-new, 2nd-gen, SM Two-Platen series redefine high-tech for the masses;
  • The first all-electric offering from Chen Hsong — the SM-EJ series — points to Chen Hsong’s future direction of relentless technological innovation.

Chen Hsong’s participation at the 4-day fair was far from just a simple science and technology demonstration — it showcased the results of over half a century of perfecting injection moulding technology. Each new product line, each new technology, and each new enhancement, is rooted in both experience and innovation. After nearly 60 years of ups and downs, Chen Hsong has grown from a rookie in the injection moulding industry to world-class status. Most critical is the trust and support from global partners and customers, olkd and new. This success at the show once again reaffirmed Chen Hsong’s leading position in the industry, and will be a strong driving force forward.

“Customers come first” — that is one of Chen Hsong’s core corporate values. It is way more than just a slogan for us.

The Grand Finale – “Open Day” at Chende

Everyone should still be fresh of the grand “30th Anniversary Open Day” celebration held in November 2016 at Chende, subsidiary of the Chen Hsong Group. Visitors to this phenomenal event enjoyed lectures, seminars and real-life demonstrations of high-end injection moulding technologies, advanced automation, and data networking. The warm and chic “Thank You Dinner” that night gave everyone a taste of the new “Chen Hsong experience.” During the last day of ChinaPlas 2017, Chen Hsong gave the “surprise of all surprises” by holding another Open Day at Chende! Visitors this time were treated to a different kind of technological elegance and grace:

We Did It All For You — The New EM-PET Series

F-S-P (Fast, Stable and Precise) is not the exclusive territory of high-end product lines such as the SPEED series — Chende demo’ed the EM-PET series dedicated to the production of high-quality PET preforms for the food and beverage packaging as well as the cosmetics industries. An EM320-PET produced 48-cavity, 21g water preforms with 17-second cycle time, and 4-cavity, 280g bottled water preforms with 48-second cycle time.

“Small Preforms, Great Know-how” summarizes the EM-PET series of machines. They do not pursue “raw speed” in the production of PET preforms because such is meaningless. “Fast and High Quality” is the key to success. The EM-PET series’s winning point is that each preform is of the highest quality, highest transparency, with zero defects. Each cycle produces “real products,” earning “real value” every second!

King of High-Gloss, High-Texture Products — The EM-SVP/3+ Series

The SVP/3 series will forever be remembered by the wide range of possibilities it opens up. Its secret as Chen Hsong’s best-selling product line for many years is simple: “Wide Applicability.” One minute, we just saw two “standard” EM-SVP/3+ injection moulding machines in ChinaPlas 2017, Guangzhou, producing two-color over-moulding products with the help of a robot. The next minute, another EM-SVP/3+ at Chende transformed into a moulder’s “secret weapon” — producing 2-cavity, high-precision, high-quality PMMA LED lamp covers, with 150-second cycle time.

For the Large Stuff — The JM-C3-SVP/2

The JM-C3-SVP/2 toggle large-tonnage machines can be considered a classic all by itself, its ever-lasting popularity and unparalleled flexibility already legendary throughout the industry. At Chende, one of these was making large LCD TV outer rims, with a 50-second cycle time.

Salute to Europe — The Euroseries

On display at Chende were also the latest renditions of the Euroseries (European-standard) and Eurobase (simplified) product lines developed specifically for the European market.

Go! We Are Pioneers! We Are The King!

Although ChinaPlas 2017 has come to an end, the road ahead of Chen Hsong is still long and bright. As a pioneer in the world of injection molding, we keep going forward. There is nothing else.

As scientific developments accelerate and evolve at breakneck paces, and as technological innovations happen by the day, it is no longer adequate to “move” forward. “Speed” is no longer demanded just as an attribute for our machines, it is demanded of US. We need to start “Running”.

Run with us! We are waiting for you at the forefront of the industry!

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global

Accept Chen Hsong's Invitation to ChinaPlas 2017! Be There or… Fri, 05 May 2017 13:09:44 +0000

Accept Chen Hsong's Invitation to ChinaPlas 2017! Be There or…

Get ready for the ultimate show in Guangzhou -- look for Hall 4.1, Booth D01.

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global


Accept Chen Hsong's Invitation to ChinaPlas 2017! Be There or…

ChinaPlas 2017 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition will have its grand opening on 16th May at the Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair (Pazhou Complex), ending on 19th May. This is the largest and most influential international plastics exhibition since K 2016 in Germany!

Chen Hsong will debut seven advanced injection moulding machines at the show from enhancements to popular classical models to brand-new flagship series. They include: the SPEED208, a JM168-MK6, a JM128-MK6, an SM700-TP two platen, an EM180-SVP/3+, an EM150-SVP/3+, and an SM90EJ all-electric. All these represent the Chen Hsong Group’s strength and power in the injection moulding space!

JETMASTER-MK6 Series: Highly Stable and Intelligent


Although it is not the MK6 series’ completely “new” appearance, we are certain that the two MK6 machines on display will continue to steal the scene.


Light Switch

One 128-ton MK6 and one 168-ton MK6 will form a “production cell” producing parts for electric wall-switches. A fully automated robotic system completes product assembly, quality control and final packaging. Product tolerances are kept to the very high standard of with 0.1mm or less. In addition, the machines are also equipped with the new, highly-intelligent, wide-screen MPC-6.0 computer controller which is ultra-easy to operate!

SPEED208: Precision Hydraulics™ for the speediest, most stable and highest precision applications


SPEED series high speed

As an extension the MK6 series, the SPEED is a super-stable, superb-quality and cost-effective offering. A new and improved anti-locking system and the latest generation of computer controller combine to give fast, fluid, and energy-efficient production of demanding products. Patented Precision Hydraulics™ keeps the machine light, silky-smooth, rock-solid stable and agile. The SPEED is particularly suited for producing packaging and other high-volume products requiring high production speed.


ice-cream cups with IML

During the show, the SPEED208 (208-ton) will be paired with an automatic packaging system to produce 4-cavity, 0.4mm, thin-walled ice-cream cups. The food industry requires high energy-efficiency, clean and environmental production, and raw manufacturing speed, usually with harsh requirements on speed and stability. The SPEED, therefore, delivers superior performance akin to high-end machinery while keeping affordability close to general market ranges. It will not only fulfilling your desire in high-tech exploration, but will also be an amazing experience in itself!

EASYMASTER-SVP/3+: Third Generation, Thrice Better


The EM-SVP/3 has been Chen Hsong’s best-selling “classic” product line for many years. Upgraded and enhanced, this product line has now reached its third generation, PLUS more. This time, the familiar “old face” has a whole new set of tricks to show you — like how to produce high-end multi-material over-moulding using two ordinary, “standard” machines!


Power Tool Battery Casing

An EM150-SVP3+ and an EM180-SVP3+ will form an “automated production cell” for two-color automatic over-moulding production of battery enclosures for power tools. Superior repeatability and high stability is required for such a feat, and you’ll be experiencing it first-hand! Whether you’re wondering how to break through current bottlenecks or aspiring to expand your horizon to new possibilities, watching these two machiens at work should provide you with some fresh ideas! 

SUPERMASTER-TP Two-Platen: Non-Stop™ Technology



The SM-TP Advanced series of two-platen machines has already made its name in the marketplace as a reliable, trustworthy offering. Only this time, you will find it contains some new “surprises.” The machine on display is equipped with special screw and a highly-precise shot-control system and Precision Hydraulics™. Furthermore, all-digital transducers can automatically identify and adjust mould thickness without operator interference, while its noise-free operation makes the machine super-repeatable. Finally, the display machine is equipped with a quiet, very-efficient electric plasticizing system to give the ultimate product quality and precision.

The biggest highlight, however, is probably Non-Stop™ — a package of patented technologies which, when combined, work with each other to ensure very high stability and reliability, effectively eliminating unscheduled downtime.


Automotive Lamp

The SM700-TP on display will produce 2-cavity automotive lens — an application that has stringent requirements on transparency and dimensional stability, placing very high demands on the injection moulding system. Through its many years of application experience in the automotive sector, and ever-present innovations, Chen Hsong has succeded in producing advanced two-platen machines that meet (and exceed) these demands!

SUPERMASTER 90-EJ: All-Electric Power



The SM-EJ series is a brand-new all-electric offering from Chen Hsong. It targets escalating market needs fo for high-quality and cost-effective applications — such as medical, precision electronics, automotive, food and packaging. This is also the best choice for clean-room production.


Electronic Connectors

The SM90EJ (90-ton) on display at the show will produce 8-cavity high-precision electronic connectors. It boasts a unique fast-change system for changing injection unit sizes for ultimate production flexibility. Additional features include high-pressure, high-speed variants. The production cell on display includes an automatic visual inspection module for automated quality control for a one-stop solution to produce high-precision, high-quality, mass-volume parts.

iChen System™ — Your Pathway to Industrie 4.0

iChen System-震雄工业4.0

iChen System 4.0

Industrie 4.0 has been a popular and unavoidable topic recently among manufacturing circles. However, few notice that real Industrie 4.0 is far from being just automation; in fact, it includes wide concepts such as artificial intelligence in the manufacturing space, flexible manufacturing, and adaptive logistics — enabling high degrees of personalization and rapid responses.

Chen Hsong officially launches the iChen System 4.0 — intelligent, cloud-based networking and data management solution for the masses. On the show-ground, a dashboard displays the dynamic statuses of all connected injection moulding machines and auxiliary equipment, as well as real-time monitoring data such as power consumption. Data is stored seamlessly to the cloud, analytics provided by Big Data background services, and users can access the entire range of manufacturing information via mobile phones and other peripherals through well-known client technologies such as mobile apps, web apps, PC productivity software such as Excel, and WeChat interfaces.

The all-new Japanese-designed CPC/MPC-6.0 advanced computer controller and the CBmold® series of advanced controllers from Beckhoff® all support standardized Industrie 4.0 connectivity seamlessly, so your should never worry your machines going out-of-date.

Automation: More Than a Fad

Automation has always been an over-promised proposition, until recently when it is now propelled to the forefront of “new manufacturing.” Chen Hsong believes that the future leaders in industrial machinery will be those who dare to lead this charge towards providing customers with seamless automation and intelligent connectivity experiences. That is why we are showcasing these advanced solutions you see on display — and not just in exhibitions, we will help you “move” these solutions to your production lines as well!

Be There!

We look forward to hosting you at the China Import and Export Fair (Pazhou Complex) in Guangzhou from 16th May to 19th May. Remember our location and head straight to Hall 4.1, Booth D01.  Our professional staff stands ready to answer all your questions and give you the high-quality experience you deserve!

Be There, or…

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global

Persevere for Excellence, Excel in Innovation! Thu, 27 Apr 2017 07:43:55 +0000

Persevere for Excellence, Excel in Innovation!

Two-Platen machine with unique "Y-Injectors" technology won yet another award.

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global


Persevere for Excellence, Excel in Innovation!

Chen Hsong’s Two-Platen Injection Moulding Machine with Unique “Y-Injectors” Won “Award for Innovative Product Development”

During the 15th Session of the Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record Results Released Conference, held on 6th January, 2017 by the Shenzhen Industry Association, Chen Hsong was awarded “Record of Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation – Award for Innovative Product Development” for its 6,500-ton ultra-large-tonnage, two-platen injection moulding machine with unique “Y-Injectors” technology.

As obvious as it looks, why does Chen Hsong keep winning awards for technical innovation? The secret is Chen Hsong’s long-time commitment to high-end research, technology development and application innovations. Since introducing China’s first “real” two-platen injection molding machine in 2007, Chen Hsong has since launched a number of “firsts” – the 4,500-ton, and then the 6,500-ton monsters, Asia’s largest. This latest award was given for “Y-Injectors,” a unique new technology that once again sets new standards for the industry.

As the name suggests, “Y-Injectors” mean two injection units on a single machine, both capable of operating synchronously or independently. You may ask, and you’ll be right to ask, “Just where did the inspiration for something like this come from?” From our clients, of course. It all started with one client with a unique need (well, maybe not so unique) – producing 110kg large-sized boxes for the environmental industry, as well as a full range of smaller (as small as 10kg!) container products and accessories. Normally, such 11-to-1 difference in shot-weights would have mandated more than one injection moulding machine, maybe several. Chen Hsong, however, accepted the client’s challenge to have the same machine (a 6,500-ton monster, largest in Asia) produce all products. The result was the truly innovative, and award-winning, “Y-Injectors” technology.

SM6500-TP WITH Y-Injectors

The advantages and flexibility provided by “Y-Injectors” technology can hardly be overestimated; it is truly a paradigm shift. Use both injection units for large-sized products to maximize shot-weight; use only one injection unit for smaller-sized products for highest energy efficiency and maximum precision; use both injection units, one after the other, for small-sized products with short cooling times to squeeze out the best cycle time possible.

As complete testing and verification is necessary for any new technology, Chen Hsong’s “Y-Injectors” technology underwent a rigorous testing and verification process before launch. Not only were measurements made and compared, real products, large and small, were successfully produced on the platform before calling it a day. Only then was the machine finally shipped to the client in September, 2016, and has been operating flawlessly ever since.

“Y-Injectors” is innovation in every sense of the word, having spawned multiple patent applications for different parts of the technology. The award-winning injection molding machine boasts swept volume 76,085.5 x 2 = 152,171 cm3, and maximum shot-weight (PP) of 55,515 x 2 = 111,030g.

While environmental is increasingly a global concern, demands for packaging and products for logistics is also growing rapidly amid ever-expanding world trade. Chen Hsong leads the industry in large-tonnage two-platen injection moulding machines, and we intend to keep this lead via more technological innovations in the future. With our focus in R&D and advanced applications, we shall continue to provide our global clients with injection moulding machines that are higher quality, more efficient and more flexible than ever.

We keep to the forefront of the industry, so our clients get the value they deserve.

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global

Eyebrow Pen Covers Fri, 24 Nov 2017 09:37:02 +0000

Eyebrow Pen Covers

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global


Eyebrow Pen Covers

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global

Eyebrow Pen Tubes Fri, 24 Nov 2017 09:15:48 +0000

Eyebrow Pen Tubes

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global


Eyebrow Pen Tubes

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global

Hp Printer Bodies Thu, 23 Nov 2017 12:02:34 +0000

Hp Printer Bodies

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global


Hp Printer Bodies

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global

HP Printer Covers Wed, 22 Nov 2017 15:27:06 +0000

HP Printer Covers

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global


HP Printer Covers

Chen Hsong - Chen Hsong Global