Announcement – Chen Hsong has no plan to consider any privatisation proposal.

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With regards to certain speculative reports about privatisation of Chen Hsong (“the Company”) which first appeared on 21st August 2019, the Company today issued a voluntary announcement in response:

The Company has no plan to consider any privatisation proposal, none of which has been put forward to the Board.


Investors are urged to rely on officially announced information when making investment decisions. Relying on untrue and unverified rumours may cause undue losses.

Chen Hsong has always kept to its core business of industrial manufacturing.  In 2011, the Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Mitsubishi of Japan, leading to a number of new injection moulding machines product lines being introduced in recent years — including the two-platen series, MK6 series, and SPARK series. The Company will, as always, continue on its core business in industrial manufacturing.

The Company expresses its sincere gratitude towards customers and partners for their continued support.  All staff of Chen Hsong work to serve them, and to achieve new heights.

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