Fast without Precision is not “Real” Fast!

A team of Japanese and European technical experts took the time-tested hydraulic circuits in our machinery and relentlessly fine-tuned/optimized them to perfection, aided by the latest fluid dynamics simulation software.
The result? Hydraulics so smooth, reliable and snappy that must be seen to believe.


Smooth as Silk

Tuned and Optimized

Unnecessary pressure drops are all but eliminated through multiple rounds of optimizations by Japanese experts.

No Overshoots

Normal hydraulic circuits are subject to overshoots and fluctuations, which get worse with faster response times. Precision Hydraulics™ eliminates these instabilities even at high speeds.


Rock-Solid Stable

No Fluctuations

You know that keeping stable pressure during filling and packing helps ensure great, consistent product quality.


You also know that it is easier said than done, unless you are using Precision Hydraulics™.


AIR Buffer™

Light as Air, Prevalent as Air

“Air-bag” system for your injection moulding machine! “AIR Buffer” stands for Algorithmic Interlocked Response — a superior mould-protection technology with such supreme sensitivity that it consistently detects and protects against even a single sheet of A4 paper (0.1mm thick) during top-speed clamp closing — a truly amazing feat of engineering made possible by the interlocking dynamics of very high hydraulics precision, optimized mechanical design and advanced patented control algorithms!

Try It!

Put a sheet of normal A4 paper between the mould of a machine (in this example a JM168-MK6) running at top speed (100%) and pressure (100%) settings, then watch the mould protection feature at work!

The piece of A4 paper is not even punctured through! Now THAT’S real mould protection!

Large Machines Too!

Try for yourself: put a piece of A4 paper into a 3,600-ton two-platen machine… we won’t spoil the fun, but prepare to be shocked.

AIR Buffer™ is available for all machine models featuring Precision Hydraulics™ — yes, that includes the advanced two-platen large-tonnage machines!


Enhanced Stability Control Pack

Eliminate Edge Cases

There are just a few of those edge cases that keep giving you headaches — high pressure stabilization, precise low-speed control, switch-over at high speeds etc. The Enhanced Stability Control Pack adds additional control mechanisms to eliminate them for you. Makes regular operations even smoother too!


Let Loose Those Crutches

Case File

A product (disposable cups) that was originally running on a high-end Ferromatik machine at over 3.5 seconds.

Can a standard Chen Hsong machine (in this case the SPEED168) produce the same products with the same quality (preferably better) and at the same speed (preferably faster)?

Standard Challenge

  •  Standard Machine Only
  •  Precision Hydraulics™
  •  Servovalves
  •  Proportional Valves
  •  Accumulator
  •  Single-Cylinder Injection Unit
  •  Direct-Drive Plasticizing Motor
  •  Specially-Strengthened Mechanics
  •  Guide Rails Under Moving Platen


  •  Injection Speed: 300mm/s
  •  Shot Weight: 12g each
  •  Cavities: 2
  •  Cycle Time: 2.9 sec.
  •  Repeatability: ±0.05%
  •  Yield: >99.8%


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