CHINAPLAS 2024 Wraps Up with Groundbreaking Success: Shaping a New Future for the Plastics Sector

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The curtain fell on CHINAPLAS 2024 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Hongqiao) in Shanghai, marking a resounding success for Chen Hsong Group with its forward-thinking innovations in injection moulding and manufacturing solutions.

CHEN HSONG: A Beacon of Strength and Innovation

Putting customers first and prioritizing quality remains at the heart of Chen Hsong’s operations. With 66 years of specialized expertise in injection moulding machines, the company upholds a commitment to delivering high-value and competitive solutions. These efforts are geared towards helping customers reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and pursue transformative upgrades.

Riding the wave of industry trends, Chen Hsong showcased its prowess with advanced product technologies and data-driven solutions at CHINAPLAS 2024, capturing the spotlight and setting new industry standards. The Chen Hsong booth became a hub of activity, drawing attention from major industry media and a steady flow of international visitors, all keen to explore the company’s latest offerings.

Chen Hsong Showcases Cutting-Edge Models for a Greener, Smarter Industry

Amidst a push for decarbonization and value-added manufacturing, Chen Hsong aggressively pursued advancements in key technologies, enhancing its suite of innovative solutions.

Highlighting the exhibition were Chen Hsong’s revamped models: JM258-MK6 max, JM168 G, SPARK EH230, SM1300 TP-SMART, and JM268-DMIII. Each model exemplified improvements in efficiency, precision, and intelligence, integrated within smart factory environments and tailored for sectors like automotive, medical, and consumer goods, demonstrating the potential for greener, smarter production processes.



Leading Through Innovation: Exclusive Insights with Mr. Stephen Chung

In a media interview, Mr. Stephen Chung, Executive Director of Chen Hsong Group, discussed the company’s strategic priorities and innovative drive. Emphasizing the importance of quality and technology, he stated, “To maintain any industry position, quality products and advanced technology are crucial.

Mr. Stephen Chung , Executive Director of Chen Hsong Group

Mr. Stephen Chung , Executive Director of Chen Hsong Group

Highlighting Chen Hsong’s 60-year commitment to R&D, he noted annual innovations benefiting customers. Despite challenges, the company remains focused on providing value post-pandemic through new products and services.

Mr. Chung showcased the new MK6 Max injection moulding machine series, praised for its precision and speed. He also introduced the Mega Cloud System, enhancing operational efficiency and quality control on plastic production floors.”

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CHINAPLAS Success: A Confluence of Innovation and Partnership

CHINAPLAS provided a dynamic platform for Chen Hsong to showcase its robust product solutions and facilitated face-to-face interactions with global customers. Through live presentations and engaging activities, attendees gained deep insights into Chen Hsong’s new products, advanced technologies, and innovative applications.

The exceptional product strength and sincere service philosophy of Chen Hsong attracted significant attention and recognition from the visitors. During the exhibition, numerous domestic and international companies entered into strategic collaborations and signed machine purchase agreements, solidifying their partnerships with Chen Hsong.


YPO Delegation Engages Chen Hsong in Global Collaboration and Industry Trends

A noteworthy visit came from key figures of the YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) . Their discussions focused on future cooperation directions and emerging industry trends, which are poised to enhance Chen Hsong’s international business exchanges and market collaborations, accelerating its global strategy.

*YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) is a global leadership community of chief executives driven by the belief that the world needs better leaders.


Simultaneously, Chen Hsong unveiled a new strategic direction, visual identity, and pathway as a “comprehensive injection moulding process solution provider,” committing to continuous innovation and all-encompassing service. This approach is designed to actively build core professional value and contribute significantly to the plastics industry. At the exhibition, Chen Hsong’s professionalism, youthful energy, and innovative spirit refreshed attendees, embodying the brand’s essence and its forward-looking aspirations.

Mega Cloud :cloud-based solution that offers industry-standard connectivity and an integrated digital management platform


As CHINAPLAS concluded, Chen Hsong is set to embark on a new journey. With a strategy focused on accelerating the development of new productive forces, the company will continue to advance in cutting-edge product development and core technological breakthroughs. In partnership with global customers and allies, Chen Hsong aims to push for high-end progress, intelligent transformations, and sustainable development, aiming to achieve higher levels of collaborative success and write a new chapter in high-quality growth.

Upcoming Global Engagements

KPLEX 2024, Bangalore, India

April 26-29, Bangalore International Exhibition Centre
Chen Hsong Booth: A16

NPE 2024, Orlando, Florida, USA

May 6-10, Orange County Convention Center
Chen Hsong Booth: W301

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