Enriching the Livelihood of People by Industry. Strengthening the Country through a Prosperous Society.

Establishment of the Foundation

The Chiang Chen Industrial Charity Foundation was established in 1990 by Dr. Chen Chiang, founder and honorary chairman of Chen Hsong Holdings Limited.

Dr. Chiang came to Hong Kong from his hometown in Shandong Province, China in 1949. Because of his hard work and devotion to the manufacturing industry, he is recognized as prominent leader in the industry and a much admired and respected role model for industrialists in China.

Today, the Chen Hsong Group is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic injection moulding machines in the world and operates diversified business globally.

His belief in “Enriching the Livelihood of People by Industry, Strengthening the Country through a Prosperous Society” was inspired by the quick recovery of the economies of Japan and Germany after World War II.

Dr. Chiang firmly believes that advanced manufacturing technologies will bring about the modernization of China and raise the living standard of all Chinese people.

Dr. Chiang therefore donated all his shares of the Chen Hsong Group to establish the Chiang Chen Industrial Charity Foundation.


Mission of the Foundation

  • To encourage and support training activities in the area of industrialization and economic development for enterprises;
  • To encourage and support activities for the improvement of mechanical manufacturing and production technology;
  • To encourage and support research and development activities in the area of new machine tools.

Sponsorship Programs

To further facilitate the development of the manufacturing industry and technologies, the foundation provides funding for educational or non-profit projects, especially in the development of machinery and manufacturing technologies. These are organized by universities, tertiary and research institutions, and professional bodies.

These activities and projects stimulate young talented people interested in machinery and production technologies with a particular emphasis in the following areas:

  • Mechanical and material engineering (including the manufacturing of machine tools, production machines, plastic machinery and plastic or metal material manufacturing, etc.);
  • Industrial and manufacturing automation (including robotics, computer aided design and manufacturing, computer integrated manufacturing, and etc.);
  • Organization of conferences and seminars;
  • Translation or publication of training materials.

We Foster Education

Providing education scholarships and/or sponsorships for individuals and organizations. Supporting research and development activities in the area of new machine tools

Industrialization & Economic Development

We encourage and support training activities, research, and innovation in the mechanical manufacturing and production technology

Reaching New Heights

We help train more industrial technologists and professional executives. Accelerating the technologies and research development of manufacturing industries in China

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