Serving the Global Industry for 60 years Since 1958


  • Won Ringier Technology Innovation Award for Speedmaster SPARK All-electric Injection Molding Machine


  • Awarded 2020 Shenzhen Top 500 Enterprises Title - Shenzhen Enterprise Confederation
  • Chairman Chiang Lai Yuen awarded in top hundred industry leaders in Shenzhen


  • Hong Kong Awards for Industry and Commerce: Equipment and Machinery Design Award — SPARK series all-electric injection molding machine
  • Hong Kong Awards for Industries and Commerce: Certificate of Merit in Equipment and Mechanical Design-Super 6,500-ton super large two-shot two-platen injection molding machine


  • Chen Hsong 60th birthday- launched -Spark series-SM100-SPARK all-electric injection molding machine
  • Launch of new EVOLUTION MK6e Servo Driven Injection Molding Machine Series


  • Developed and launched a 6500-ton two Platen Advanced Servo Drive Injection Moulding Machine for Australia
  • Launch of the EM-SVP/3+ servo injection molding machine and SPEED168 high-speed injection molding machine at Chinaplas2016 Chinaplas (Shanghai)


  • The JETMASTER MK6 Servo Drive series were launched and exhibited in 2015 ChinaPlas.
  • The SUPERMASTER Large Dual Color Injection Molding Machines-1000 ton was successfully launched.


  • Launched the SUPERMASTER Two Platen Advanced Servo Drive Injection Moulding Machine - 6,500ton.
  • The third-stage development project of the Shenzhen Industrial Park is complete. The new factories provide around 83,000 m² of operating space primarily for manufacturing ultra-large-tonnage injection molding machines of over 4,000-ton.


  • SUPERMASTER Two Platen Advanced Servo Drive Injection Moulding Machine- 4500 ton has won 2013 Hong Kong Awards for Industries Machinery and Machine Tools Design Award of CMA.
  • Third-Generation Servo Drive injection moulding machine series launched (EM-SVP/3 and JM-SVP/3)


  • Launched the JETMASTER Second Generation Servo Drive Large Injection Moulding Machine Series(JM-SVP/2 Large).
  • Chen Hsong has successfully developed and launched the new 4,500-ton two-platen ultra-large machine - the largest injection moulding machine made in China


  • Chen Hsong Holdings Limited is pleased to announce the Group has entered into agreement in connection with the business collaboration with Mitsubshi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Co., Ltd., one of the leading Japanese manufacturers worldwide, regarding the manufacturing and OEM manufacturing of Large Sized Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine.
  • Launched the EASYMASTER Second Generation Servo Drive Injection Moulding Machine Series (EM-SVP/2) and JETMASTER Ai Second Generation Servo Drive Injection Moulding Machine Series(Ai-SVP/2).