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As a supplier of automotive parts, your worst nightmare is a machine that breaks down or produces rejects, when you can least afford it. We’re here to keep you running, so you don’t have to keep running around.

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  • Advanced servo-drive technology is tender on the environment, sips energy, and high-precision.

  • Rock-solid stability and repeatability. High-quality parts day-in, day-out. No rejects. No lost sleep.

  • Instant technical support around the globe gets you back up and running, so you sleep better.

Two-Platens with Non-Stop™ Technology

For the ultimate in performance, precision and mould protection, consider none other than an advanced two-platen machine with “Non-Stop” — a package of patented technologies that drastically enhances reliability and reduces down-time.

We OEM-build the “MMX” series of two-platen machines for Mitsubishi, so we know what we’re talking about.

Advanced Programmable Controllers

European-standard, IEC 61131-compliant, advanced computer controllers from Beckhoff® and B&R®, employing high-speed digital buses such as EtherCAT and PowerLink®, give you the reliability, flexibility, programmability and expandability you require to produce high-quality moulded parts for demanding automotive applications.

Multiple freely-programmable core-pulls, massive number of valve gates, advanced hot-runners control… these all come standard!

Precision Hydraulics

The entire hydraulics system has been relentlessly fine-tuned and optimized by European and Japanese experts.

Pressure drops are minimized, spikes and over-shoots eliminated, and all motions tuned to silky smoothness.

Compressive Moulding

Do compressive-moulding in its many forms and varieties, such as fabric over-moulding, insert-moulding, foaming etc., made possible by advanced computer controls, flexible programming, Precision Hydraulics and highly-refined mechanics!

MuCell® Support

MuCell® technology from Trexel Inc. has been gaining popularity worldwide, especially so for the automotive industry.

It is high time you consider it as well, if you’re not already using it. Many of your competitors probably are.

OPC UA and Industrie 4.0

The automotive industry is at the forefront of the Industrie 4.0 movement. Don’t get left behind!

Choose from a wide variety of connectivity and data management options, including OPC UA, EUROMAP 63/77 and iChen® System. Our systems have you well-covered.

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