Chen Hsong’s Popular MK6 & SPARK Series Make Their Mark in Turkey.

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On November 22nd, the four-day Plast Eurasia Istanbul 2023, an international plastics exhibition, grandly opened at the Istanbul International Exhibition Centre in Turkey. Chen Hsong participated as scheduled, showcasing their innovative SPARK and MK6 series of injection moulding machines, which received a warm reception from attendees.

Celebrating 30 Years of the Turkish Plastics Exhibition

This exhibition is held annually and has a history of over 30 years. It is strongly supported by the Turkish Plastics Association and has established significant scale and influence in the region, attracting exhibitors and professional visitors from around the globe. Currently, the event serves as an ideal platform for top international manufacturers of injection moulding solutions to showcase their offerings and expand their market presence.

Showcasing Chen Hsong’s Best in Turkey

As a leading global manufacturer, we are deeply committed to and actively involved in the Turkish market. At this event, we showcased two of our best-selling models, the SM180-SPARK and JM128-MK6, effectively aligning with the industrial characteristics and customer needs of the Turkish region. This participation comprehensively demonstrated our technological expertise and developments in the field of injection moulding accumulated over recent years.

Highlighting the SPARK: Precision and Efficiency

The SPARK series, featured in this exhibition, is Chen Hsong’s best-selling all-electric product, offering clear competitive advantages in cleanliness, precision, and energy efficiency. Earlier this month, Chen Hsong participated in an event in Mexico with the SPARK series all-electric SM150-SPARK and its solutions. Now, just half a month later, the same series’ SM180-SPARK made its appearance in Turkey.

Chen Hsong’s all-electric injection moulding SPARK series combines precision electric motors, patented moulds, and advanced hardware with smart control systems and precision sensors. This combination optimises every moulding cycle for speed and accuracy. As a result, the SPARK series offers effective moulding solutions for a variety of industries, including toys, medical equipment, automotive parts, and 3C electronics.

Building block injection moulding solutions | SM180-SPARK

The showcased Chen Hsong SM180-SPARK all-electric injection moulding machine is tailored for ABS, commonly used in building blocks. Its responsive servo system enhances cycle efficiency, while ALL-Adapt™ technology allows for adjustments to suit various block types. The addition of ASRS technology guarantees high-quality outputs. These innovations enable the SPARK series to effectively tackle the complexities of high-end building block manufacturing. At the exhibition, the machine demonstrated rapid and stable performance, notably improving product precision, gloss, and tactile quality, which captivated the audience.

  • Product Name: Building Block Accessories – Injection Moulding Machine Model
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 16g (for two pieces)
  • Mould Cavity: Two cavities
  • Cycle time: 10 sec

Chen Hsong’s MK6: A Testament to Engineering Mastery

Chen Hsong also showcased their classic flagship product, the MK6 series servo-hydraulic injection moulding machine, boasting a repeat order rate of over 98%.

The MK6 series, embodying 65 years of specialised experience in injection moulding, features innovative design in its clamping units and injection units, along with coordinated optimisation of controllers and hydraulic systems. This integration achieves high-speed, precise, and stable injection moulding. It enables Chen Hsong to offer customers tailored, one-stop solutions for their specific needs.

Chen Hsong MK6 Series JM128-MK6

Expanding Horizons: Chen Hsong’s Strategic Focus on the Turkish Market

Turkey’s strategic position between Europe and Asia offers a broad market scope, serving as a key gateway for enterprises entering markets in North Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

Additionally, Turkey’s growing consumer spending capacity has led to a consistent increase in demand for rubber and plastic products in recent times.

Chen Hsong remains committed to expanding its presence in international markets. Their involvement in the Istanbul International Plastics Exhibition marked an important display in the Turkish market, earning considerable acclaim from the event’s attendees and clients.

Chen Hsong team photo

Looking ahead, Chen Hsong is committed to continuously breaking new ground in injection moulding technology. They aim to steer their products and services towards more intelligent and eco-friendly solutions, enhancing their competitiveness in the market. This approach is focused on offering global customers more cost-effective and competitive products, as well as comprehensive injection moulding solutions.

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