K 2019 Flash!!! Day 2 – Attack of the Orange!

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17th October, 2019, Düsseldorf, Germany —  Day 2 of K 2019.

The Chen Hsong booth continued to be ambushed and surrounded almost constantly by crowds of visitors, coming specifically to check out the latest offerings such as the all-new flagship  SPARK series of high-performance, versatile all-electric injection moulding machines.

That’s not to say the other machines on display were also anything less than red-hot — such as the most popular TP series of advanced two-platen large-tonnage machines that required almost no introduction in any country.

In particular, a MK6 series machine — Chen Hsong’s premier product line — equipped with a special additional 2K (dual-material) injection unit was on booth producing an 8mm-thick fruit bowl, with virgin materials on the outside in a high-gloss finish, wrapping recycled materials sandwiched in the inside (see photo below).  Now that is environmental protection plus cost reduction in one simple, easy and effective package!

A cut-off showing mostly recycled materials forming the bulk of the product, sandwiched between a thin layer of virgin materials forming a high-gloss exterior finish.

Needless to say, all three machines on display were immediately marked by customers 2 days into the show! Now this has to be some sort of new record — go figure.

After closing of the day’s event, Chen Hsong held a warn light party at the booth for guests, partners, and staff alike.  This was really done to show appreciation to all the hard work put in by everybody involved.

Highlight of the party was when Chen Hsong Group Chairman and CEO, Ms LY Chiang, gave a toast to future success, friendship and family!  By that time everyone went wild…  alright, only a bit.

Ms LY Chiang — Chen Hsong Group Chairman and CEO

As an old participant to the K, we are always happy to showcase our newest and greatest to a worldwide audience.  Chen Hsong commits to quality and continuous technical innovations in order to build value. I hereby reaffirm my most sincere gratitude and most solemn promise towards our partners and customers — we’ll be forever at your backs.

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