Chinaplas 2024 Countdown: Just 2 Weeks Away!

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With anticipation building and the countdown well underway, we’re thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you for Chinaplas 2024, the 36th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries. This premier event is poised to unfold from April 23 to 26, 2024, at the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Hongqiao, Shanghai (NECC), PR China.

Chen Hsong is excited to welcome you at Hall 5.1, Booth C32, a hub where innovation meets excellence. Immerse yourself in the future of moulding technology, where every turn promises a glimpse into the future. Whether you’re on a quest to revolutionize your production lines, in search of sustainable solutions, or eager to explore the next generation of moulding technology, your journey starts with us.

What to Expect at Our Booth in Hall 5.1, Booth C32

At Hall 5.1, Booth C32, you’ll find yourself at the forefront of smart factory solutions.

Our display features five cutting-edge injection moulding machines, each representing key industries: automotive, medical consumables, cosmetics, packaging, and household goods.

See for yourself how our products integrate seamlessly into the complete production process.


TP-SMART in Action

The TP-SMART, a testament to Chen Hsong’s collaboration with Mitsubishi, revolutionises two-platen machine performance. At Chinaplas, witness the TP-SMART producing automotive door panels, enhanced with precision and stability through energy-efficient solutions and advanced automation, including robot arms for part handling, laser marking, and a comprehensive vision inspection system.

Experience the DMIII Series

The DMIII, known for its multi-material moulding capabilities, will be demonstrated producing dual-material car cup holders. This setup showcases flexible and durable manufacturing with an automated logistics application, featuring robot part handling, AGVs, and an integrated professional drying hopper supply system.

Discover the SPARK EH’s Efficiency

Our all-electric SPARK EH machine sets a new standard in the medical sector. At the show, see it in action manufacturing disposable sterile syringe caps, employing a full electric power system for unparalleled cleanliness and efficiency, complemented by a vision inspection system and automated material handling.


G Series: Dual-Colour Mastery

The G Series demonstrates its prowess in daily necessity products by producing multi-coloured fluid pen holders. This machine highlights the capability to achieve complex injection moulding applications with single-colour machinery efficiency, supported by robotic arms and laser marking for high adaptability.

MK6 max: Cosmetic Packaging Precision

The MK6 max will be showcased creating high-end cosmetic packaging bottles, illustrating its exceptional precision and stability. This includes energy-saving techniques and high automation levels with robotic arms for material handling, ensuring the highest quality in cosmetic packaging production.

It’s Not Just About the Machinery

This year, we’re showcasing more than advanced injection moulding machines. Dive into the transformative world of MegaCloud, Chen Hsong’s Advanced Manufacturing Cloud Solution. MegaCloud epitomizes smart cloud connectivity, revolutionizing workshop management by seamlessly connecting customers and suppliers across diverse industries—automotive, home appliances, medical products, and daily goods.

MegaCloud stands out with its comprehensive suite of features including product management, automated warehousing, equipment management, and intelligent scheduling, underpinned by real-time operational monitoring and quality management. It represents the backbone of a smart factory, ensuring transparent operations and integrating effortlessly with existing ERP and PLM systems for enhanced collaborative efficiency.


Sustainable Manufacturing

MegaCloud and our automated solutions are key to advancing sustainable manufacturing, offering insights into smarter, greener production practices. These technologies support eco-friendly initiatives through efficient energy use, waste reduction, and improved resource management. By integrating smart factory elements like intelligent warehousing and advanced logistics, we’re not just enhancing production capabilities but also committing to environmental sustainability. MegaCloud, with its cloud connectivity, facilitates a seamless, eco-efficient workflow, reducing the carbon footprint of manufacturing processes. Together, they exemplify our dedication to sustainable, efficient, and future-focused manufacturing solutions.


Let’s Shape the Future Together: See You at Chinaplas 2024!

We look forward to welcoming you at Chinaplas 2024, Hall 5.1, Booth C32. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore our latest advancements in injection moulding and smart manufacturing solutions. Get in touch with us, let us know what day you will be arriving and what you’re interested in, and we can tailor your experience just for you.


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