Opening Day | Chen Hsong Steals the Spotlight at CHINAPLAS 2024, Sparking Excitement

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As spring graces the Huangpu River, it signals the opening of CHINAPLAS 2024 International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries. This season, the world’s plastics industry shifts its focus to Shanghai, the vibrant “Oriental Pearl.”

Here, Chen Hsong showcases six decades of innovation, embracing new productivity and digital transformation. Debuts with dynamic strategies, a refreshed visual identity, and forward-thinking solutions (Chen Hsong Booth: Hall 5.1, C32), promising an engaging experience for industry peers and global visitors.

Fresh Perspectives and Focused Innovation

CHINAPLAS 2024 marks the launch of Chen Hsong’s new brand image, positioning it as the “ One-Stop Provider for Comprehensive Injection moulding Solutions.” This evolution signifies a bold new direction in strategy and branding.

On the first day, the Chen Hsong booth was a hive of activity, bustling with visitors and industry specialists drawn by the brand’s rejuvenation. This strong interest affirms Chen Hsong’s leadership in the industry and strengthens its brand influence.

Innovative Solutions, Comprehensive Renewal

Chen Hsong’s market leadership is driven by its innovative products and cutting-edge technologies. This year, the company unveiled an array of intelligent, high-performance machines tailored for efficiency and adaptability. The lineup features the latest in injection moulding technology, including the TP-SMART two-platen injection moulding machine, SPARK EH electric injection moulding machine, DMIII multi-material injection moulding machine, MK6 max injection moulding machine, and the G series injection moulding machine.

These models, which are highly popular in the market, seamlessly integrate with “Smart factory solutions” to optimize the entire injection moulding process. Targeting key industries such as Automotive, Medical Consumables, Cosmetic Packaging, and Household Goods, these solutions offer advanced energy efficiency and intelligent design. By addressing diverse application needs, they meet the production requirements of various customers across different sectors.

Strategic Collaborations, Shared Growth

Chen Hsong’s commitment to quality and service continues to inspire confidence among its partners. The first day featured multiple strategic signings, showcasing Chen Hsong’s commitment to deepening partnerships and highlighting its competitive edge and R&D strength.

Mr. Stephen Chung , Executive Director of Chen Hsong Group, delivered a keynote address during the signing ceremony:

He began by extending his deep appreciation to the leaders and guests present. He emphasized that Chen Hsong’s growth is inextricably linked to the enduring support and trust of its customers. Establishing high-level strategic partnerships is a pivotal step as Chen Hsong embarks on a new era, and it serves as a fundamental approach to significantly accelerating the development of innovative, high-quality production capabilities.

Mr. Chung highlighted the mutual commitment of the partners to reach a consensus and collaboratively advance in areas such as new technology and product development, market expansion, brand enhancement, and supply chain broadening. Together, they aim to forge a path towards broader and more substantial mutual success.

Mr. Stephen Chung , Executive Director of Chen Hsong Group

Mr. Stephen Chung , Executive Director of Chen Hsong Group

Join us at the Chen Hsong booth (Booth: 5.1, C32) for an exclusive look at our innovative solutions and to discuss shaping a successful future together!


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