Annual Down-Time as Low as 0.5%!

Unscheduled down-time can be a major headache, but is often a necessary evil.
How do you get Real reliability without breaking the bank?


Based on Japanese Technology

Pursuit of Excellence

The Japanese, as a people, is relentless in pursuing the holy grail of Zero Defects and making their products last a VERY long time.

A team of Japanese technical experts used their know-how to create the technology that we now simply call: Non-Stop™.


Available first on the 2nd-Generation Two-Platen machines. Other machine models will follow.


Precision Hydraulics™

Foundations of Reliability

The philosophy of Not-Making-Things-Worse is the cornerstone of achieving great reliability — that means reducing unnecessary wear-and-tear whenever possible.

Smooth as Silk

Hydraulics systems relentlessly fine-tuned and optimized by European and Japanese experts to minimize pressure drops and eliminate spikes and over-shoots turn all mechanical motions to silky smoothness.


Rock Solid Machanics

Designed Robustness

Patented mechanical designs have ample margins of safety built-in, allowing superior performance while maintaining the machine at top shape for as long as possible.

Reliable Components

A system is only as reliable as its weakest link — or the worse quality component. True Reliability is not obtained via skimming on costs for cheap materials and parts.


Dynamic Control Systems


Fast dynamic controls technology is key towards smooth, shocks-free mechanical motions. Interrupt-driven, Hard-Real-Time controls with closed-loop feedback is a must.

Adaptive Intelligence

The prevalence of signal noises, hydraulic spikes, mechanical shocks, temperature fluctuations and normal wear-and-tear means that rigid dynamical systems degrade over time in an not-totally-predictable manner.

In order to maintain stable performance and high precision, misaligned components must be promptly compensated for and brought back into alignment automatically and dynamically through adaptive algorithms.


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