Fakuma 2021

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Ready for Circular Economy, Ready for Today & Tomorrow

Over the past decade, the concept of circular economy (CE) has emerged encouraging a rethinking of the way products are designed so that they can be “made to be made again”, turning the conveyor belt of consumerism into a circle (a closed-loop supply chain) and hence eliminate waste.

As the European Union achieves its new energy-saving and emission-reduction targets in 2023, Chen Hsong Group aims to showcase energy-saving products and technologies for industry customers.

Fakuma one of the most influential plastic exhibitions in Europe was held at the Frederick Exhibition Center in Germany on October 12-16. Fakuma attracted all well-known companies in the industry in the international market to participate in the exhibition. Chen Hsong Group, as one of the exhibitors, brought a popular model, the MK6 series, to the exhibition. (Booth No.: A7 Hall-7105 Booth)

MK6 Series

The MK6 — Servo Driven injection moulding machine, continues to remain one of our top-selling series for a wide range of industries in the European market. The machine uses high-end Japanese technology and is “fast, precise and stable.” Well-renowned the world over, the machine boasts of a 98% repeat purchase rate.

The above video shows the Chen Hsong JM208-MK6 producing cutting boards. The MK6 series are highly adaptable to different types of products, featuring strong power saving capabilities, low operating costs, and High efficiency production.


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