Disposable Cups

High Speed Injection Molding of Disposable Cups

Employing our Precision Hydraulics system, the SPEED 168 High-Speed Toggle Type Injection Molding machine demonstrates the possibilities for accurate, high-quality injection molding in PS with extremely short cycle times. With a dry cycle time of only 1.5s and full cycle time of 2.9s, throughput is maximised for high volume production.

The SPEED 168 machine is equipped with an SVP/3 Servo Drive controlled on an EtherCAT digital main bus by the Beckhoff xMold controller, operating with a clamping force of 168 tons, filling 2 cavities with polystyrene (PS) with a shot weight of 12.5g each in fully automatic mode. Injection speed in this configuration is set at an impressive 300mm/s.

Disposable Cups Produced by ChenHsong SPEED168 Injection Molding Machine

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