Cosmetic Jars

40 EM180-V Injection Molding Machines producing Cosmetic Jars

Precision Hydraulics fully automatic set up averaging a cycle time of 60 sec

A well known manufacturer of cosmetic parts located in Ningbo, Zhejiang province is extremely happy with their fleet of 40 Easy Master 180v injection molding machines.
The above video shows you a quick glance at the injection molding of cosmetic jars made out of MS PMMA resin. A robotic arm swiftly removes the injection molded cosmetic jars from the 4 cavity mold and places them on the conveyor belt with a total cycle time of 60 sec. These toggle type injection molding machines are extremely stable, highly energy efficient, and the added automation turn key solution makes a huge difference in production and packaging performance.

Cosmetic Jars produced by ChenHsong EM180-V Injection Molding Machine

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