Stationary Bicycle Belt Drive Cover

Plastic Injection Molding of Stationary Bike Parts

Exercise bike, also known as stationary cycle, is an immobile fitness machine which resembles an ordinary bike. It has various sub-parts which include a saddle, pedals, handlebars, foot straps, and plastic enclosures.

Our Client’s expertise is OEM plastic injection molding components for fitness sports such as; bike plastic trims & covers for elliptical machines, also known as spin bikes or stationary bikes. Chenhsong has been providing them with high quality injection molding equipment for the past few years. In the above video you can see the smooth injection and moulding of a spin bike belt drive PP cover weighing 1030 grams. the JM1000MK6 is producing these parts with a cycle time of 60sec.

The Mk6 series employ SVP/3 servo-hydraulic technology that typically delivers 80% energy savings on average compared to older fixed displacement machines.
Precision HydraulicsTM realises repeatability within 0.05% in critical movement axes, helping clients increase their productivity and products’ acceptance rate.


Spinning Bike Cover produced by ChenHsong JM1000-MK6 Injection Molding Machine

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