Supermaster SM700-TP

Two platen Injection molding machine

Large Stroke & Platen
Small Footprint


Large Daylight

This machine is fast, precise and accurate, and with its real two-platen design, it combines the largest stroke and platen requirements into the smallest footprint possible!

Japanese Design

High-end Japanese designs delivers precision, fast production, and ultimate mould protection.


Control System

World Class Standards

Highly accurate and stable control system that matches world-class injection standards. The 700TP delivers outstanding injection weight precision, reaching tolerances as low as 0.2%.


High Efficiency

Clamping Speed 750mm/s.

The improved design on the clamping unit, combined with the auto mould-height adjustment mechanism, allow for clamping speeds up to 750mm/s.
This greatly shortens cycle time and increases productivity.

Patented Interlocking System

Chenhsong’s very own patented inter-locking mechanism provides quiet, smooth movements with high precision and stability.


Energy Saving

Servo Technology

Advanced servo technology with a high end hydraulic control system allows every movement of the machine to be optimized. Energy efficiency levels exceed strict industry requirements, with test results showing water savings up to 80%.

Filtration | Lubrication

The high-end filtration system provides efficient cooling, this means oil temperature is always consistent and within proper levels preventing oil leakages.
Furthermore, the custom designed lubrication system greatly reduces friction and noise. These two features combined result in an increased life span of the machine and components.



Modular Design

What’s more the ChenHsong group offers a unique modular design allowing you to choose from 14 clamping units ranging from 700-6,500 tons, with 29 injection units from 2-110 kg.

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Clamping Force (Max.) 700t
Opening Stroke 1,200mm-1,900mm
Maximum Daylight 2,300mm
Mould platen (HxV) 1,500mm x 1,500mm
Space between Tie Bars (HxV) 1,020mm x 1,020mm
Max. Mould Thickness 1,100mm
Min. Mould Thickness 400mm
Ejector Stroke 280mm
Ejector Force 22mm


Automotive Parts
Deep Cavity


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