Audi Q5 Seating Fabric Over-Mould

Injection Molding of Audi Q5 Seat Construction Components

In Jilin Province, one of our customers is employing more than thirty of our SM1050-TP Two-Platen Injection Molding Machines to manufacture Audi Q5 seating fabric over-moulds as a Tier-1 supplier to this prestige automotive brand. Each SM1050-TP Injection Molding Machine has a clamping force of 1,050 tons, powered by the SVP/2 Servo-Drive using Nippobatta Ai-12 controllers.

The K1 Injection Unit enables reliable and consistent manufacture using PP/PE-TD15 resin with a yield of over 99% in fully-automatic mode. With a shot weight of 802g and a cycle time of 70s, our customer is able to make full use of the advanced features of our high performance Injection Molding technology – including two-stage compression clamping and over-moulding, and the superior control functions of our Precision Hydraulics technology.

Audi Q5 Seating Fabric Over-Mould produced by SM1050-TP Injection Molding Machine


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