Volkswagen Car Door Panels

Injection Molding of Volkswagen Car Door Panels

A customer in Jiangsu Province is employing more than 50 of our Two-Platen SM1900-TP Injection Molding Machines as a trusted Tier-1 auto-parts supplier to prestige Volkswagen brands.

Manufacturing Volkswagen polypropylene car door panels with a shot weight of 1,780g, at a clamping force of 1,900 tons, our customer is achieving a cycle time of 54 seconds to extremely demanding quality standards at a yield of over 99%, and able to manufacture 533 units in every eight hour shift.
This application indicates how customers can use Chen Hsong Injection Molding Machinery to manufacture to exacting tolerances, in this case to a weight variation of +0.11% to -0.16% in a fully automated process.

Volkswagen Car Door Panels producing by SM1900-TP injection molding machine


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