Midea Air Conditioner Parts

Air Conditioner Part Manufacture with the CJ480M3V Injection Molding Machine

A customer in Chongqing City ,China, has been manufacturing air conditioner parts for the famous Midea brand since 2007 using 30 of our CJ480M3V Machines, driven by the VDP power pack and a CPC 2.0 controller, delivering a clamping force of 480 tons.

These high impact polystyrene (HIPS) parts are produced in 2 cavities with a shot weight of 140g each and thickness of 2mm in fully automatic mode with a cycle time of 41s.

This machine series has been replaced and upgraded by our newer series of injection moulding machines.
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Midea Air Conditioner Parts produced by ChenHsong CJ480M3V Injection Molding Machine

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