PC Keyboard Bases

PC Keyboard Bases Manufactured in ABS Using the JM168-MK6 Injection Molding Machine

In Chongqing City, China, a customer has been using 16 Machines since 2017 to manufacture ABS keyboard bases with a shot weight of 60g and thickness of 1.5mm on a cycle time of 24s in fully automatic mode. For this application, a JM168-MK6 High-Speed Toggle Injection Molding Machine was an excellent choice, applying a clamping force of 168 tons and driven by an Servo-Drive power pack controlled by a CPC 6.0.

The Precision Hydraulics™ of the JM168-MK6 Injection Molding Machine are a special feature that enhances the precision of the molding process for optimum results.

PC Keyboard Bases produced by JM168-MK6 Injection Molding Machine


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