Chen Hsong at ChinaPlas 2021

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ChinaPlas 2021 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition will have its grand opening on the 13th of April at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center. Chen Hsong will show case 5 advanced injection moulding machines at the show from enhancements to popular classical models.

SPARK! All Electric!

First on the line up all-new series of all-electric injection moulding machines:
Two SPARK SM-100s  &  one Spark SM-150.

Automotive & Electronics Industry

The SM-100s will be showcasing Metal Powder Injection Moulding for the Electronics Industry & Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding for the latest high-end automotive headlamps.
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Medical Industry

The SM-150 will be producing Syringes for the medical industry, showcasing the world-class mould protection and advanced machine mechanisms, smooth operations, as well as long and extended machine life.

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JETMASTER-MK6 Series: Highly Stable and Intelligent

Although it is not the MK6 series first appearance, we are certain that the “king” on display will continue to steal the scene. The Jetmaster MK6 Servo Driven injection moulding machine, continues to be one of our top-selling series for the domestic and overseas market. On display the JM-168 MK6 will be producing household items

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EVOLUTION: Next Generation Flagship MK6 Series!

Last but not least, the JM-160 MK6-e producing household goods will be on display!. This new series offers super-stable, superb-quality and cost-effective solutions filling a much-needed niche in many manufacturers’ equipment line-up with better affordability, more simplicity, and even higher price-performance ratio.

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