Orange Storm at Milan PLAST!

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Here we go — No. 1 player at this year’s Milan PLAST

In order to avoid further embarrassment, I have decided to greet you first. Chen Hsong already missed you much for not seeing you all for just a few days!

The 18th Italian Plastics Show (PLAST — International Exhibition for Plastics and Rubber) was grandly held in the Milan International Exhibition Center from May 29th to June 1st. I must elaborate by saying that this is a plastic exhibition with characteristics that is held every three years. This is the second largest plastics industry exhibition held in Europe, second only to the famous German K show.

The total exhibition area reached 55,000 square meters, thanks to the Italian government’s emphasis on Industry 4.0 in 2017 and subsidies for related companies. Compared with 2015, this year’s plastics show has seen a significant increase in popularity, with over 1,500 exhibitors. And the number of visitors is estimated over 50,000.

Chen Hsong’s booth was very popular in PLAST 2018

Chen Hsong’s booth was very popular

Just how big is the world that would be the size of our stage! And how big is the stage that would equal to how powerful Chen Hsong is! Following the NPE 2018 in the United States and the Plastpol 2018 in Poland, Chen Hsong, and the “King of Spotlight” has once again joined hands with Italian agents in the event to show the rest of the world how competent we are. The JM650-SVP/2 and JM168-MK6 injection molding machines exhibited this time have won the appreciation of customers and viewers for their stable production and efficacy, which perfectly matched the strict requirements of the European market for mechanical stability and precision. Hence we had this “Orange Storm” at the Milan Plastics Show!

JETMASTER Euroseries

In this exhibition, we exhibited JM650-SVP/2 from the JETMASTER Euroseries, equipped with strong mixing screw, which can effectively cope with the tricky problem of expensive master batch; reducing the cost of the product, thus keeping our customer’s cost down. How can all these being escaped from our smart potential customers? The JM650-SVP/2 also demonstrated the production of household appliances— the multi-purpose plastic buckets. It has to be said that, this bucket isn’t just an ordinary bucket; it has indeed various usages: the material of the PP material is solid and practical. It can be used as a flower bucket or as a trash can. You think this is enough? Think again. The four rollers on the bottom of the bucket hold yet another possibility – the roller storage bin.

Finale: Here comes our Best Seller, MK6!

When there is exhibition we spot Chen Hsong. And there won’t be our show without MK6! In order to demonstrate the concept- “the most stable operation with the widest application” -of our new design series; our great MK6 has demonstrated the production of a two-cavity PP material drinking cup from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, with continuous production for 10 hours. And there is no waste output throughout the process, which left the participants all very amazed and speechless.

Launched for two day, we have already surpassed our previous Milan PLAST sales records

Launched for two day, we have already surpassed our previous Milan PLAST sales records

These two high-quality injection molding machines from Chen Hsong, successfully in initiated the “Chen Hsong effect” in the PLAST; which attracted numerous customers to queue up and they have shown strong interest in Chen Hsong’s equipment. Chen Hsong’s Deputy Director of Overseas Sales has stated: “In just two days, we have already exceeded our previous Milan PLAST sales records.”

With 60 years of positive attitude and outstanding track records, Chen Hsong proved to be a shining star every time in show. We are not afraid of growing old as that also means we are becoming wiser. We have passion and perseverance in maintaining our good reputation!

So, is Chen Hsong, the number one player in the field, always exceeds our past results and performing well?

Well, sometimes having strength is already a way of being excellent.

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