Speed 168 Series

This series of small-to-medium-tonnage hydraulic injection molding machines stands for high-speed, high-performance & high precision!

Maximized Performance


A Type Screw & Barrel

Superior Plasticizing & Mixing

The injection unit is fitted with a smaller A type screw & barrel allowing for higher injection pressure with good plasticizing and mixing properties.


Dual Balanced Cylinders Linear Guide Ways

Friction-Free | Precise Injection Control

Dual balanced injection carriage cylinders combined with linear guide ways ensure friction-free, high precision injection control.


Constant Pressure

Patented hydraulics integrates tightly with the servo control system to all but eliminate unnecessary pressure drops.


High-Precision | Energy Efficient

Finally, a large powerful servo drive motor delivers the high precision and energy efficient control needed for high speed, short cycle time jobs.

Structural Design


Steel Clamping Platens

Low Deformation & Optimized Part Quality

Solid steel clamping platens have been redesigned with the help of Finite element Analysis to ensure the lowest deformation possible. This ensures better mold protection and optimized part quality.


Excellent Parallelism

Lower Clamping Force | No Product Flash

Both moving and stationary platen deliver force centrally, providing a high degree of parallelism. This means the clamp force is evenly distributed across the mold face allowing you to set an even lower clamping force without causing product flash.


High-Speed Motion Curve

Impact Control | Smooth Operation

Lastly, toggle dimensions and proportions have also been adjusted to best match a high-speed motion curve and limit opening and closing impact, resulting in extremely smooth and stable machine operation.

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Screw Diameter 41mm/46mm
L/D ratio 23.6/21 (L/D)
Screw Stroke 230mm
Swept Volume 304cm³/382cm³
Shot Weight (PS) 276g/348g
Shot Weight (PS) 9.7oz/12.3oz
Injection Pressure 2,118/1,683(kgf/cm²)
Injection Velocity 300mm/sec
Injection Rate 395/497(cm³/sec)
Injection Rate 359/452(g/s)
Screw speed 300rpm
Nozzle Contact Force 6.2t
Nozzle Stroke 330mm


Thin wall packaging
Thin wall packaging
Mobile phone accessories
Mobile phone accessories
Consumer electronics
High Precision Components
Medical Industry
Medical Industry


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