Disposable Plastic Spoons

Injection Molding of Disposable Plastic Spoons

Fully Automated Solutions:

Featuring a 9 second cycle time and clamping force of 268 tons, our JM 268-C2-SVP/2 Injection Molding Machines are enabling a customer in Zheijiang Province to run 20 Machines to mass produce disposable polypropylene plastic spoons each to a thickness of 1 mm in an entirely automatic process.

Each Machine molds 36 spoons per cycle, translating to an effective throughput of 80 units per second, employing 36 cavities and a shot weight of 2.5g per item. Reliably operating since 2015, powered by an SVP/2 Servo-Drive with Noppobatta Ai-12 Controller, we see an example of excellence in practice in fully automated injection molding.

Disposable Plastic Spoons produced by ChenHsong JM268-C2-SVP/2 Injection Molding Machine

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