GPPS Clear Transparent Buffet Covers

Injection Molding GPPS Clear Transparent Buffet Covers

The above vidoe shows one of our clients in China that has been manufacturing food industry parts for well known international brands using our MK6 Injection Molding Machines, controlled by the MPC7.0 controller, delivering a clamping force of 800 tons.

The food and beverage industry is heavily regulated to ensure containers, industrial process components, and other parts comply with safety standards. As such, manufacturers use food-grade plastic materials for part design and construction, including plastic injection molding. Plastic injection processes can create complex, identical goods with a low risk of error. This makes plastic an increasingly popular alternative to metal, with specific advantages regarding food and beverage safety.

These high impact GPPS buffet covers are produced in 1 cavities with a shot weight of 830 g each and a cycle time of 53s.



GPPS Clear Transparent Buffet Covers manufactured by JM800-MK6 injection molding machines

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