HP Printer Covers

Hewlett Packard Printer Covers Manufactured Using the JM488-C2-SVP/2 Injection Molding Machine

In Chongqing City, China, our customer has been using 70 of our JM650-C2-SVP/2 Injection Molding Machines since 2012 to manufacture printer covers for world leading electronics manufacturer Hewlett Packard.

For this Tier 1 application, the JM650-C2-SVP/2 Injection Molding Machine is driven by the SVP/2 Servo-Drive with a Nippobatta Ai-12 controller and delivers a clamping force of 488 tons for extreme accuracy. Filling 2 cavities with a shot weight of 250g each and thickness of 2.5mm, a cycle time of 55s is achieved in fully automatic mode using High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS).

HP Printer Covers produced by ChenHsong JM488-C2-SVP/2 Injection Molding Machine

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