Keyboard Key Caps (Small)

Manufacture of Small Keyboard Key Caps with the JM98-Ai Injection Molding Machine

In Chongqing City, China, a customer is manufacturing ABS small key caps for computer keyboards using 16 of our JM98-Ai Toggle Type Injection Molding Machines. In operation since 2015, the JM98-Ai Injection Molding Machines deliver a clamping force of 98 tons from an SVP/2 Servo Drive managed by a Nippobatta Ai-02 controller.

Filling 32 cavities with a shot weight of 0.1g each and thickness of 0.5mm the JM98-Ai Injection Molding Machine achieves a cycle time of only 7.5s in fully automatic mode for this precision operation.

Keyboard Key Caps (Small) produced by ChenHsong JM98-Ai Injection Molding Machine

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