PET Preforms for Water Containers (Low AA)

PET Preforms for Low AA Water Containers: Injection Molding with EM560-PET Machines

To manufacture large PET preforms for water containers, with a shot weight of 750g each and thickness of 8.1mm, our customer in Taizhou is employing more than 10 of our EM560-PET Toggle Type Injection Molding machines, with a clamping force of 560 tons driven by the SVP/3 Servo Drive and controlled by a Nippobatta CPC 6.0.

Operating since 2016, the customer is achieving a yield of over 99% in fully automatic mode with a cycle time of 118s. The EM560-PET Injection Molding machine features a professional plasticizing unit for thick, large preforms and guarantees low acetaldehyde levels for food-grade manufacture.

This machine series has been replaced and upgraded by our newer series of injection moulding machines.
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PET Preforms for Water Containers (Low AA) produced by EM560-PET Injection Molding Machine


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