Water Dispenser Plastic Enclosures

Injection Molding of Water Dispenser Enclosures

The overall appearance, finish and quality of drinking water dispensers used in the office or household environments are given increased attention. Our client in Zhongshan industrial zone focuses on the injection molding of house-hold goods and is keen on maintaining his company’s  reputation for finished parts that conform to the demand of exquisite look and precision structure.

Running in Fully automatic mode the JM1000-MK6 molds each water dispenser enclosure with precision and accuracy. A robotic arm then lifts them out onto the conveyor belt, each part is produced in just over 40sec.

ChenHsong’s local support team and modularized injection molding machines bring customizable solutions right on the injection floor. Our customer and his clients are satisfied with the high repeatability, excellent yield and overall superior results that Ch injection molding machines give to his production process

Water Dispenser Enclosure produced by JM1000-MK6 injection molding machine

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