JM Mark 6 Series consumes less energy

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Orbit Design LLC is a custom plastic injection molder in central Connecticut.

Orbit was founded making plastics injection molds for the industry as well as compression and transfer molds.  Orbit entered the plastic injection molding business when a customer could not mold a part on a highly engineered mold they built.  “We bought an Injection molding machine, adopted it for our purpose and soon began making parts,” said Ron Oren, President of Orbit Design LLC.

Ron Oren, President of Orbit Design LLC, with his MK6.

Their business grew to the point where they had 6 injection molding machines: 5 Fixed Displacement Pump Hydraulic injection molding Machines and one Servo Hydraulic Chen Hsong JM-88 injection molding machine.

“We had the Chen Hsong JM-88 running for 7 years without a service call.  Chen Hsong makes very reliable Injection Molding machines,” stated Oren.  Chen Hsong celebrated 60 years in business in 2018, and currently produces over 15,000 Injection Molding machines per year.  Chen Hsong Precision hydraulics are an example of the quality of the Chen Hsong JM Mark 6 series.

We had the Chen Hsong JM-88 running for 7 years without a service call.  Chen Hsong makes very reliable Injection Molding machines.

Most Servo hydraulic injection molding machines on the market regulate pressure by reversing the pump for a brief moment for fast pressure relief.  This can create undue wear to the pump and gradually reduce performance and reliability.

The JM Mark 6 series employs a proprietary, patented, and advanced pressure regulation that ensures fast pressure relief without ever reversing the pump.

As his business expanded Oren saw the need for a larger tonnage injection molding machine.  Based on his experience with the Chen Hsong JM-88, Orbit purchased a JM 468-SVP2 515 US ton injection molding machine.  According to Oren when they installed and ran the JM 468-SVP2 he was surprised that there was no increase in his monthly electricity bill.  Chen Hsong Energy Efficient Inovance Servo Drives consume lower energy that comparable competitive injection molding machines.  They can also reduce energy cost by 80% when replacing fixed pumped injection molding machines.

Orbits business continues to expand and Oren purchased the latest in the Chen Hsong line – A 185 US ton JM Mark 6 in 2018.  Oren says he has to go over and check the injection molding machine to see if its running because “it’s so quiet”.  The JM Mark 6 has a decibel level of 75.4dB and is below the (NIOSH) recommended worker noise level of 85 dBA.

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