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An Evergreen in The Toys Industry – The Secrets of Wah Lung Toys September 6, 2017 - How Chen Hsong machines let Wah Lung be evergreen.
A Modern Day Fairy Tale of Seamless Cooperation August 30, 2017 - Pollino Plast (Serbia) and their Chen Hsong machines.
How Industrie 4.0 Helped Heying Group (Dongguan) Win the Grand Elimination Race April 19, 2017 - A Grand Elimination Race has been going on in Dongguan. How did one company win it?
High-Quality Pioneer for 3C Industry March 15, 2017 - Yea Wen Plastic in the 3C light-weight and realistic-texture era!
Mammoth Machine Delivered to German Processor November 16, 2016 - 3,600-tonne two-platen press and fast tool changes in Germany.

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Producing Massive Crates 24/7 on a 6,500-ton Monster September 27, 2016 - One of the largest machines in the world, operating 24x7 in Israel.
Working Together with GSK Group – A Rising Star in Auto Parts August 23, 2016 - GSK Group and Chen Hsong share the same spirit.
The Amazing MK6 – 99%+ Yield with Ultra-High Precision August 16, 2016 - Do multi-material over-molding with standard machines only!
PEMÜ – A Success Story August 1, 2016 - PEMÜ — One of the oldest automotive parts suppliers in Hungary.
How Plus Plus AG grows 600% in 6 years June 24, 2016 - The secret behind the fabulous Plus Plus Bricks!

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