Volkswagen Protective Guard

Volkswagen Protective Panel Manufacture with the Two-Platen SM1650-TP Injection Molding Machine

A customer in Jilin Province has more than thirty of our Two-Platen SM1650-TP Injection Molding Machines operating continuously in fully automatic mode, manufacturing parts as a Tier-1 supplier for the prestige Volkswagen brand. Our SM1650-TP is powered by the SVP/2 Servo-Drive, controlled by the Nippobatta AI-12 system. A clamping force of 1,650 tons is applied to a two cavity system with a shot weight of 1,250g. Cycle time is only 65s, and the parts are manufactured from PP/PE-TD20 resin.

Operating since 2015, this application of the SM1650-TP Injection Molding Machine demonstrates reliability and efficiency in manufacturing products to the highest international specifications.

Volkswagen Protective Guard  produced by SM1650-TP Injection Molding Machine

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