Creation of a New Market Trend

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In 2007, the Hong Kong-based Chen Hsong Group developed and launched China’s first large-tonnage true-two-platen injection molding machine product line, thus setting in motion a new market trend. It has been continuing to do so since then – In 2012, the company shipped the first 4,500-ton, servo-driven, two-platen injection molding machine ever made in China to Europe; two years later, in 2014, the company one-up’ed itself by shipping China’s first, and up to now only, 6,500-ton servo-driven two-platen injection molding machine to Israel. These machine exports broke records for large-tonnage injection molding machine made in China and, in the case of the 6,500-tonner, the whole of Asia.

Both customers owning the ultra-large-tonnage two-platen injection molding machines are so happy with their purchases that word-of-mouth went ahead of official announcements. Recently the Chen Hsong Group announced that it has received a new order for a second 6,500-ton ultra-large-tonnage two-platen injection molding machine for a high-end international customer. When shipped, that will bring the company’s tally of exported 6,500-ton two-platen injection molding machines up to two – and the only two from China.

SM6500-TP — Largest injection molding machine from Asia.

The innovative two-platen injection molding machines offered by Chen Hsong are covered by numerous international patents and represent the latest in technological advances. For instance, the product won the prestigious “2013 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Machinery and Machine Tool Design Award” and the “2014 Shenzhen enterprise innovation record – product innovation project prize”.

Large-tonnage two-platen injection molding machines are more compact and smaller in footprint than their toggle-style equivalents while offering up to 50% larger spaces, much longer opening strokes and superior products quality due to more even clamping force distribution. Therefore, they are ideal in manufacturing high-end and deep-cavity parts in a wide range of industries including automotive, household electrical appliances, logistics and packaging.

A high-end, unique, ultra-modular design allows customers to freely “mix-and-match” between 14 clamping units (with clamping force ranging from 700 to 6,500 tons) and 14 injection units (with shot weight ranging from 2 to 110kg). Reportedly, this unique feature is exclusive only to Chen Hsong and is not offered in any similar product lines worldwide, and makes “mass customisation” a reality instead of a pipe dream.

Reportedly, a “second generation” upgrade to the two-platen injection molding machine product line is in the works at Chen Hsong, which the company says will likely be introduced to the market sometime during 2016. It certainly will be something worth waiting for.

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