Moulding High-End Medical Equipment Part

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Moulding High-end Medical Equipment Part

Being the birthplace of the very first China-made Two-Platen Injection Moulding Machine in 2007, Chen Hsong Group has now successfully launched a full range of Two-Platen Servo Drive injection moulding machine from 700 to 6,500 tons after years of continuous development and innovation. With a number of innovation patents, this series of injection moulding machines feature the smallest footprint with the largest opening stroke. Also the advanced ultra-modular design allows customers to freely “mix-and-match” between the clamping and injection units to meet individual customers’ need.

Recently, Xinli Mould Plastic Co., Ltd., a company located in Shunde, Foshan, has manufactured a large mould used for producing MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine’s casing for Siemen’s Health Care Division. They chose a Chen Hsong SUPERMASTER 2600-TP-SVP/2 Two-Platen Servo Drive injection moulding machine for the mould testing production.

The mould of the MRI machine casing has a height of 2,100mm, width of 1,900mm and thickness of 930mm. During the mould testing process, it only took the machine a very short period of time from mould installation to adjusting to its best parameters with the aid of the automatic mould-height adjustment feature. This SM 2600-TP-SVP/2 injection machine was able to produce qualified plastic products at its fourth trial.

Because of its patented high-speed automatic mould-height adjustment feature, highly-tuned and optimized clamping movements, Chen Hsong’s large-tonnage Two-Platen injection moulding machines can significantly shorten cycle time; and the unique patented inter-lock mechanism combines high speed and whisper-quiet operation with extremely high precision and rock-solid stability. After plastic resin being put into the feed hopper, the machine run seamlessly and smoothly for operations like melting, clamping, injecting, holding pressure, cooling and mould-opening with the help of the intelligent computer controller. In the end it produced the large and exquisite precision plastic product that met customers requirement.

  • Product Name: MRI Machine Casing
  • Product Weight: 11.56 kg
  • Product Size: 1,750mm X 1,690mm
  • Plastic Material: HIPS (Polystyrene)

Chen Hsong’s large-tonnage Two-Platen injection moulding machines has shown its extraordinary performance not only in automotive, household electrical appliances industries, but also in high-end areas like medical equipment industry. It is truly your best partner in the injection industry.

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