Drain Basket

Injection Molding Machine for Producing High-Quality PP Drain Baskets

A molding drain basket made from PP is durable and corrosion resistant. It can also be molded into attractive shapes and colors, making it a pleasing addition to any bathroom or kitchen. These baskets are used to catch debris and prevent clogs in drains. PP is also lightweight, making the basket easy to handle and install. Overall, a PP molding drain basket is a practical solution for maintaining the proper functioning of drains.

The JM168-MK6 series injection molding machine is used to produce high-quality drain baskets at our client’s factory in China. This toggle type machine has a maximum tonnage of 168 tons and is equipped with a CPC6.0 controller. The drain baskets are made using PP material and have a single cavity, with an injection shot weight of 168 grams and a cycle time of 28 seconds. The production of the drain baskets is fully-automatic, with the pickup method also being fully-automatic.

Our client’s factory specialized in the injection molding appliance industry, automotive industry, and lamp industry. Utilizing ChenHsong advanced technology and machinery, they are able to produce large quantities of the drain baskets efficiently and consistently, ensuring that each one meets strict quality standards.

Silicone lamp producing by JM168-MK6 injection molding machine

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