Turn Signal Lamp Shades

Injection molding Turn Signal Lamp Shades

The JM168-MK6 plastic injection molding machines our clients are using for PMMA plastic injection deliver excellent quality in faster production cycles.

Our client in Xinqian, Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang is using nine of the JM168-MK6 injection machines to produce PMMA plastic turn signal lamp covers. The machines operate in semi-automatic mode and use a CPC 6.0 controller.

The lighter clamping force of 168 tons efficiently delivers a 17.3 gram shot to each of the four cavities in the very short cycle time of just 45 seconds.The 85x39x20 mm covers have a 1.5 mm wall thickness.

Turn Signal Lamp Shades are produced by JM168-MK6 Injection Molding Machine


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