Sink Covers

Injection Molding of PP Sink Covers

One of our clients in the Changchun Green Park has been using Supermaster 1050 TP-SVP/2 plastic injection mold machines in their production line since 2015. Using the mold’s duel 1 + 1 cavities, they are simultaneously producing left and right sink covers in a single cycle. The covers are 820x380x65 mm, and 800x350x65 mm with a wall thickness of 2 mm.

This manufacturer presently has 23 machines in operation. Each machine uses an Ai 12 controller, operates in semi-automatic mode and is set to a clamping capacity of 1050 tons. The covers being produced on these machines are made with 318 + 270 gram shots of PP, with a 63 second cycle time.

The flexibility of this two-platen machine makes it the perfect machine for production of larger components with high quality requirements and a high yield rate.

Injection molding of sink covers produced by SM1050-TP-SVP/2 two-platen Injection Molding Machine

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