Steering Column Upper & Lower Shield Assembly

Injection molding of automotive steering column upper/lower shield assemblies

Quality luster finish with impact resistant durability; these are features of the steering column upper and lower shield assemblies being produced using Chenhsong EM480-SVP/3 plastic injection molding machines in the Changchun Green Park.

The EM480-SVP/3 machine, running at a quick 50 second cycle time is excellent for use in manufacturing of fine finished plastic injected parts such as those with knurled surfaces. With a 1 + 1 cavity, both the 260x161x110 mm upper and 182x170x65 mm lower shields are produced in a single cycle. Each shield is 2mm thick. The upper shield has a 200 gram shot of PP/PE and the lower shield has an 80 gram shot.

The EM480-SVP/3 is running in fully automatic mode with the Ai-02 controller and for this project is set at 480 tons of clamping force. 23 of these machines are presently in operation at our client’s site in the Changchun Green Park.

This machine series has been replaced and upgraded by our newer series of injection moulding machines.
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Steering column upper and lower shield assembly produced by EM480-SVP/3 Injection Molding Machines


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