Thin-Walled Siemens MRI Part

Precision Injection Molding for Global Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer Siemens

Market leading clients require the highest possible standards in quality and finish. For Siemens, a world leading supplier of medical equipment, the SM2600-TP Two-Platen Injection Molding machine has been the choice for manufacturing HIPS parts for MRI machine casings since 2015.

Applying a clamping force of 2,600 tons with an SVP/2 Servo Drive power pack and controlled by the Nippobatta Ai-12 system, the SM2600-TP Injection Molding machine is able to deliver a shot weight of 11.56kg and yield of over 99% using a C1 Injection Unit in this very demanding application, manufacturing a very large thin-walled component.

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Thin-Walled Siemens MRI Part produced by SM2600-TP Injection Molding Machine


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