Gigantic Crates

Injection Molding of Very Large Crates With The Two-Platen SM6500-TP Injection Molding Machine

In Israel, the European market leader in the manufacture of large crates and boxes is employing more than 10 of our SM6500-TP Two-Platen injection molding systems to manufacture 620 litre capacity crates out of PE with an added foaming agent.
The shot weight is an impressive 36.5kg, and using the SM6500-TP Injection Molding machine powered by the SVP/2 Servo Drive and Beckhoff controller on an EtherCAT digital main bus, at a clamping force of 6,500 tons and employing the G1 Injection Unit the customer is able to achieve a yield of over 99% and a cycle time of 280s.

In this very demanding large-scale injection molding process, our customer has been able to achieve these excellent results since 2014 by using our technological solutions to meet their strict injection molding requirements.

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Gigantic Crates produced by SM6500-TP Injection Molding Machine


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