Decorative Panel on C-pillar

Injection Molding Decorative Panel on C-pillar – Automotive Components

A well known manufacturer located in Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, has been running nine of chenhsong JM800-C3-SVP/2 plastic injection molding machines since 2017. The JM800-C3-SVP/2 injection machine features product repeatability of up to ± 0.25% with the latest technology in controllers and transmission, making it a favorite choice for utility
Energy and power savings, as well as accurate pressure maintenance.

The machines operating on the factory floor all have the Ai 12 controller installed and are providing a clamping force of 800 tons.

Production of two 428x126x83 mm decorative panels on C-pillar with a wall thickness of 2.5mm, using 241.4 grams of PP plastic per shot in each of its two cavities, is completed with each 63 second cycle. Operation mode is semi-automatic.

The reliability of the JM800-C3-SVP/2 injection mold machine means high productivity and low down-time are maintained no matter what the complexity of each part or project.

This machine series has been replaced and upgraded by our newer series of injection moulding machines.
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Injection Molding of Decorative Panels on C-pillar are produced by JM800-C3-SVP/2  Injection Molding Machines


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