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But How Fast is Fast Enough?

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How Fast is Fast Enough?

As a supplier of high-quality packaging, your P&L depends on squeezing the last fraction of a second cycle time. But speed and precision (and thus product quality) are often mutually-exclusive compromises. How to be really fast?

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  • Advanced servo-drive technology is tender on the environment, sips energy, and high-precision.

  • Rock-solid stability and repeatability gives you high-quality products at great productivity.

  • Instant technical support around the globe gets you back up and running, so you sleep better.

3rd-Gen Servo Technology

Servo-drive systems are best for high responses, high accuracy and high efficiency. They are also notoriously difficult to get right.

SVP/3 — Chen Hsong’s proprietary Third-Generation Servo-Drive technology does it right. Almost 20-years since first launch, SVP servo-drive systems are renowned for rock-solid stability and class-of-its-own performance.

It also sips energy — that’s right, you get world-class energy-saving as a side benefit!

Precision Hydraulics™

Fast is nothing without precision. Unless you use Precision Hydraulics™.

The entire hydraulics system has been relentlessly fine-tuned and optimized by European and Japanese experts.

Pressure drops are minimized, spikes and over-shoots eliminated, and all motions tuned to silky smoothness. That’s how you can be really fast.

Direct-Drive Option

Direct-drive plasticizing motors give great torque performance at really, really high speeds, allowing you to squeeze out that last few (vital) seconds of productivity!

High Injection Speed

SVP/3 Servo-Drive systems are capable of driving injection speeds up to a whopping 500mm/s. Packaging-specific product lines typically come with 150mm/s, 300mm/s and 500mm/s selections.

For even faster speeds, e.g. 1,000mm/s, use a high-precision servovalve.

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