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AQUILA shows off new Chen Hsong MK6 at MECSPE June 13, 2019- Unbelievable performance of an unbelievable product line!
Chen Hsong’s Bestsellers at Feiplastics 2019 May 17, 2019- The largest plastics show in South America draws crowds to Chen Hsong.
Chen Hsong Open House Event at Group Landeau, France May 11, 2019- Chen Hsong Open House, French style!
CHMI, At Your Service! March 29, 2019- Chen Hsong one-up's service level in India.
We've Moved! – Chen Hsong Europe B.V. February 13, 2019- Chen Hsong Europe moved to newer, much larger location to support rapid growth.
Playing with technology — Chen Hsong “All-Rounded” series at Yuyao Plastics Expo January 24, 2019- MK6 -- A machine for all occasions.
"Smart Injection Molding" in Practice at 2018 AEME December 24, 2018- Chen Hsong shows off smart manufacturing with intelligent equipment.
SPARKS — Chen Hsong Super New Products Carnival 2018 December 17, 2018- Special event for a special date -- a 12th December of dazzling lights and amazing sounds!
Chen Hsong Rocked the Injection Molding Industry with its Super New Product Carnival December 8, 2018- 2018 is destined to be an extraordinary year. In the 40th Anniversary of “Reform and Opening Up,” China now focuses on advanced manufacturing. Citizens of the whole nation have also taken the initiative, to actively participate in the campaign of "Made in China 2025." A large number of legendary companies have emerged in China. They are bound to make history. The Chen Hsong Group, founded by Dr. Chiang Chen, the father of China's injection molding machine, has become a shining star. Industry helps enrich a nation and hard work vitalizes the country. The equipment manufacturing industry is the backbone of…
Chen Hsong to strengthen position in European market October 26, 2018- Chen Hsong shows off new machine lines in Fakuma 2018.